A sight of Spring


The photos look much better if you enlarge them.

After heavy rain and gales all night, it was nice to wake up to bright sunshine today. The TV news informed me of more bad weather to come over the weekend, so I decided to take the camera on Ollie’s walk today. I was rewarded with some encouraging sights of Spring, so decided to share them with you.

Ollie got in on the act too!

On the verge close to the main road, the snowdrops are still multiplying.

I have no idea who planted all these bulbs around Beetley Meadows, but they do provide a colourful display at this time of year.

Despite a cold wind, and lots of lingering mud, it was an enjoyable walk in the afternoon sun.

Staying positive, in 2017.

50 thoughts on “A sight of Spring

  1. Spring flowers I love as they are signs that Winter is ending and they poke their little heads out of the soil to brighten the world.
    I love flowers that have a scent. Roses, Honeysuckle, Lavender, but my favourite flower has to be the Freesia. it reminds me of my Grandmother (who I didn’t know very well, but the smell of Freesias are a memory of her) and my Mother as they are her favourites. The sweet smell of the pink/reds – just beautiful.

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  2. Magical! Ahh, I do love spring. Last night I walked home and was immersed in the most beautiful and sensual night bloom… honeysuckle. What a jolt to the spirit. It’s so nice to see Ollie too! x


    1. Thanks, A.
      Quite a few Ollie photos on here since ‘your day’. I remember the evening scent of honeysuckle when I had some growing in a house in London. Warm summers, sitting in a garden after work. Halcyon days.
      As ever, Pete. x


  3. Pete, nice to see your pictures. The last shot, the crocus are lovely. We’ve had lots of rain here, too. Strange to see the desert green. We expect lots of wildflowers this year. Lots to be positive about!


  4. Nice to see some colour back in your part of the country Pete. My crocuses have all but gone now, the recent winds haven’t helped and more to come it seems!


  5. There are signs of spring here in Southern Nevada as well. Those are beautiful shots, Pete. As for the crispness of the enlarged photos, I saw a flea in Ollie’s ear. Oh, wait! No, that’s actually a molecule!


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