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If you go to the new-style wordpress stats page, you can choose an option that is marked as ‘Stats For All Time’. When you have published as many posts as I have, looking at the information provided here can be very interesting indeed.

You are presented with a list of your posts, in descending order of popularity, based on how many views that post has received. It cuts off at 39 views for some reason, and doesn’t show any posts with less views than that. On my list for this blog, the majority of posts seem to have figures between 55 and 80. This coincides with my own rough calculations, based on the numbers provided by wordpress when I log on every day. Of course some posts, those with photos especially, get many more than that on the day of publication.

As some of us have discussed previously, we don’t post articles to get views. We write for ourselves, and if others like what we write, then that is a bonus. But if you are a committed blogger, it can be very interesting to see which posts have proved to be the most popular during the time that you have been blogging. And it might well surprise you too.

With almost 1,300 views, my most-read post is ‘About’. People obviously like to know something about the blogger whose stuff they are reading. A large photo of myself with Ollie also gives them the chance to put a face to the name. A good ‘About’ page is something that many bloggers neglect to bother with, so my stats might go to show that it can be very useful.

It will be no surprise to my regular readers that the second most popular post is ‘Whatever happened to ?: Jamiroquai.’ This has had almost 900 views in a relatively short time, and is something of a phenomenon for this blog, as it continues to be read as regularly as ever. I would never have dreamt that a random post about a jazz/funk band would generate so much interest. But it has.

Three of my ‘living in Norfolk’ posts are next. ‘Dereham: A Norfolk Town’, ‘The driest county in England’, (once the most-read post here) and ‘Beetley Village’. These views are generated by people searching Google for information, rather than being interested to read my blog. Another post popular from Google searches follows. ‘What is the opposite of a Eulogy?’ is at number six, indicating how many people look for this information. Of course, my post is about something different, so the title may well mislead them.

Don’t worry, I am not about to carry on listing posts in order. This is just a snapshot of one blog, and may only be of interest to me. However, it does tell me a lot about what people are reading here.

I have published 1215 posts in less than five years. Despite adding the very popular photos, and continuing to write about my much-loved dog, Ollie, it would seem that local information and Google searches, alongside fans of the band Jamiroquai, are still the mainstay of my blog. Those hours spent writing fiction, recalling my years in the Ambulance Service with anecdotes, and reviewing films; all this is secondary to providing basic information about some Norfolk towns and villages, and the weather you can expect to find in this county.

Perhaps I should just write a local travel blog instead?


69 thoughts on “Reviewing your blog

      1. Indeed, I have… I had my cuppa tea and settled in with my laptop that has keys that want to act wonky with certain letters when pressed.. I never eat around computers so I have not a clue what is sticking in there. I’ll get a can of air, which I hate having to pay for air.. and blast the keys to see if whatever is sticking will release. At least the laptop keeps my comments very sort,.. wink.. not like this computer where I can type for days and days,,, oh my ….:)

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  1. Interesting and informative post here. I like how you are trying to help other bloggers out That usually ends up being a very popular topic right? I mean you could do a whole site just on helping other other bloggers figure out how to improve their sites. It would be wildly popular as everyone always wants to know how and what to do to improve their blog sites. At least I know I do anyway. Thanks for the tips. And I wondered what ever happened to that band Jamiroquai? I liked that group being a teen of the 90’s.

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    1. Jamiroquai are apparently releasing a new record later this year. I expect people will stop reading my post then!
      I try to do lots of posts that might help those new to blogging. When I started out, I had to struggle to find out what to do.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Write whatever your heart feels, Pete. I do enjoy your stories, your posts about movies (I watched the Hunt thanks to your recommendation, and can’t thank you enough), the picture ones, Ollie’s adventures, memories…I’ve always read that specialised blogs do much better than generic ones (some of the ones I visit to share the never ending collection of sweets on Pinterest have thousands upon thousands of visitors, and some of the fitness ones also) but as happens with my books, if it’s not an occupation or something I do as an obligation, then I might as well please myself and hope others might be interested enough. Of course, others advise us to be ourselves so… I think my most popular posts are one where I asked for opinions on three options for the cover of my next book, and before that the one about my father’s death.

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    1. Thanks, Olga. Glad you enjoyed The Hunt. I will be staying the ‘same old me’. My observations on this post were just out of interest.
      I hear that video game blogs are huge, as are cookery and fashion. I wouldn’t like to stick to one subject though.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  3. That is so strange, that is precisely the feature that I seemed to have lost. I used to be able to see the list of posts in order of popularity, but not since they changed to the new style (and now I cannot even find it in the old page, for the life of me). Could you please send me the instructions of ‘how to’, if that’s not asking too much? A million thanks in advance!

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    1. 1) Go to wordpress admin dashboard.
      2) On the bar graph shown, click on the bar for the most recent day. (Not ‘View All’)
      3) From the next screen, choose ‘Insights’ from the top menu.
      4) Then choose ‘Days’ from the top menu.
      5) Underneath ‘Posts and Pages’, select ‘View All’.
      6) On the next screen, choose ‘All Time’ from the top menu.

      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Dear Pete, I got it! first I got confused and thought you meant the old WP admin that appears at the end of the menu, but when I went to the ‘posts and pages’ analytical, the ‘all time’ was right there, thank you so much for taking the trouble! I won’t be ceased to amazed by the popularity of my review of Anderson’s film There Will Be Blood; I don’t seem to find any logic of preference (of one text over another, that is, except a rare example where I know it has been shared in a more popular forum, but I wouldn’t think it’s the case with that particular review). In short, these mysteries are rather entertaining for bloggers πŸ™‚ Again, thank you very very much, it was easy to find, but I had been unable to locate it. All the best!

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  4. Regardless of what the stats say, I will continue to write what I think is important info that needs to have a wider audience – tho’ I am always surprised at what is popular and what seems to have been largely ignored that I believed was more interesting or important.

    I rarely pay any attention at all to my stats page actually, because I truly believe they are essentially meaningless. And then, of course, “likes” and landings don’t always mean anybody at all has actually read the post, so I wonder at the point of counting them at all. Even those ‘attaboy comments tell us little about readership since WP’s Blogging-101 has started to recommend leaving comments as a way to increase likes (etc) on your own blog.

    If I went by stats alone, I might decide to turn my blog over to TinkerToy and stop spending a great deal of time attempting to help anybody at all. Hey – maybe we could send our pups on the road and collaborate on their travels? lol πŸ™‚
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to educate a world!”

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    1. I think a ‘double-dog’ blog would be a great success, Madelyn.
      I agree that most stats are essentially meaningless. However, I cannot deny that I still fond some fo them very interesting.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. Interesting post Pete! At the end of next month I will have blogged for exactly one year and will likely take a more comprehensive look at my stats. Even though my cats are my first love and first part of my blog name I suspect I get more reads on the travel posts. But honestly I will probably continue on my merry way much as I have done thus far, writing what pops into my heart and head regardless of the reads. And I will also think about beefing up my About page. When I started out it seemed scary to share too much with the world.. maybe I’ve gotten over that now. πŸ™‚

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    1. I have shared most of my life, the downs alongside the ups. It hasn’t done me any harm so far.
      I am glad that you will continue as you are. I always enjoy reading your blog, whether it is about cats, or wonderful scenery.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. You’re doing quite well with your blog! It would be interesting to know how your categories compare overall to each other. “Just been watching…” vs. “Significant Songs” vs. “This is a work of fiction…” for example.

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  7. Definitely not instead, why not also! By the way, I think you should submit my two favourite fiction stories that you have written to the publisher – the Science Fiction story where a lady is duped by the job offer that involves her travelling to another planet, and, the literal Blind Date. Additionally, It is never too late Pete, so how about giving Travel Guides a go; you have visited so many countries and you have a unique slant on the written word. Perhaps I should have put this comment on another blog but while it is in my mind I’ll have to leave it here. BPC.

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  8. Pete, I mentioned to you that my blog explaining that the severed horse’s head in “The Godfather” was real got more than 10,000 views – because someone shared it on “Reddit – TIL (Things I Learned)”. Goggle and random shares like that to a popular aggregator can really drive the numbers. Now if only I could get the same love for my Glen Hansard post that you got for your Jamiroguai!

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  9. My “Home” page has gotten most also…then came the one post that I am not that proud of….”Does Watermelon make your horny?”–6356 hits…then a good one “Employment–At will vs Right To Work”….6178…I had not checked this part out until you turned me on…thanx my friend….chuq

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