Not forgotten

My Mum died on the 14th of March, 2012. Five years ago today.

I have written a lot about her on this blog, and have previously marked this anniversary of her death. I wasn’t going to do the same again today for some reason, but then I changed my mind. I don’t want her memory to be forgotten. Though I will never forget her, her life, and awful death, needs to be mentioned, if only once a year.

By her own reckoning, she was an ‘ordinary woman’. A Londoner, born into a working-class family, she left school aged just 14, to start work. Her youth was ruined by the Second World War. Long years spent terrified of the bombing, hiding in shelters, and having to cope with the loss of friends and neighbours lost in the destruction, or when fighting overseas in the services.

Despite all that, she got on with life. She married, raised me, and continued to be part of her large extended family too. She was a loyal wife, a devoted aunt and sister, a good cousin and caring neighbour. Above all, she was a wonderful Mum, who would do anything for her son. She also supported many charities, and loved her pets too.

The last years of her life were marred by illness, and problems with her sight. That final stay in hospital, receiving no treatment under the ‘Liverpool Care Pathway’, was one of the hardest things I have ever had to witness. Yet through it all, she only worried about me. My future, my happiness, my health. Never her own.

Violet Anne Johnson, 1924-2012. Never forgotten.


66 thoughts on “Not forgotten

  1. Lovely, Pete. I often think of people who live through a war on their own soil. I doubt most Americans can truly grasp that. Bless your mom for all she lived through and all she did for you. Although I have not met you in person, it is clear through your posts that you had a fine mother.

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  2. A very touching tribute, Pete. Our parents grew up in difficult times but they made a good life for themselves and for us. Being an only child I know what you mean about your mother’s care and concern all too well. Luckily, my mother is still around but with recent health scares I hope she gets to enjoy a reasonable quality of life for as long as possible. Take care.

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  3. What an absolutely beautiful tribute to your Mom, Pete!
    There is definitely no such thing as an “Ordinary” Mom and there is no other Mom like one’s own.
    Mine has been gone for many years now but her memory is still as alive as it she were here with me in the very next room.
    Mom is always with us in our hearts.
    Thank you for sharing this most wonderful tribute to a Mom who sounds to me like a very very special lady and God bless you!

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  4. It’s only right that you pay tribute to your mother. But I’m hoping that once this fifth anniversary becomes yesterday, and the recent deaths of family and friends have settled into the more distant past, you are able to focus on happier thoughts. I guess it’s true that the living suffer most.

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  5. My condolences, Pete.. and you are doing a good thing by remembering her on this day.. and letting people know. Most of us have been there and can empathize.. and in this day and age of human conflict being displayed in various forms around the world.. we can ALL relate to your thoughts.

    Having spent 5 years in the funeral business in a previous life I would sometimes share with grieving families this little idea. Get yourself a small plant.. maybe from a seedling… and focus your thoughts that this plant represents the memory of your Mum on a daily basis. You tend to HER needs daily.. and in return she is constantly watching.. taking part in your life… and making you recall the flower she was when you were alive.

    Obviously you need to select a species that last a long time, but you get the idea.,, or better yet, transplant a species from the wild, or from a garden your Mum might have tended.

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    1. Thanks for your kind words and thoughts, Doug.
      I got a marble bird bath for the garden. Her ashes go inside it, and she will be surrounded by birds and plants.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  6. What a great tribute to your Mom. She was a truly a wonderful person to have endured what life dealt and still only thinking of others at the end. Remembering shows the world the pride and love you still have for her.

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  7. Your mum sounds like a wonderful human being Pete. My own mum survived the Blitz, which is where she met my dad. He drove an ambulance in London during the war with mum working with him as a nurse aid. Unfortunately she died young (55) thanks to cancer of the larynx…

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