Jamiroquai: Back, and on TV

My long-running blog saga concerning the British band Jamiroquai may well be coming to a conclusion.

Yesterday, this blog achieved it second-highest views ever, thanks partly to a post about religion, that seems to have hit a nerve. Stats continued to climb steadily all day, and by bedtime, the bar graph had reached its highest point in a very long while. Yet again, interest in my old post, ‘Whatever happened to? : Jamiroquai’ added many views to that number.

Last night on TV, the popular talent show, ‘The Voice’ was being shown. In the gap between performances and voting results, it is usual to have a guest act performing. Yesterday, that act was Jamiroquai, back after a long absence, and performing a track from their forthcoming CD. They were on form, and sounded good too, more like their original style. Jay Kay was of course wearing a large hat, and despite being a lot older, still managed some of his signature moves.

So, we now know what happened to them. They are back, and on TV. And the new CD is released next week.
No need to read my post anymore then. My work is done.

(But I hope they still do…)


29 thoughts on “Jamiroquai: Back, and on TV

  1. Your Jamiroquai posts are like the Energizer Rabbit… Or the old Timex watch… I have a feeling you won’t stop posting until the fat lady sings… Or until the cows come home… Or until Hell freezes over… Or until war, pestilence, and hunger are a thing of the remote past… Or—well, you get the message! πŸ˜‰

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  2. Hello Pete I had never heard of this group until your post…love when you gonna learn – great song and really relevant to the environmental movement of today. Like Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On – flagship songs!

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    1. Thanks, Felicity, I am happy to introduce you to them. When they started out, they had quite a few songs with an environmental agenda, and warnings about the future.
      Best wishes, Pete.


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