A Blogging boost

Last weekend was the busiest ever on my blog. In the two days of Saturday and Sunday, I received more views than in the seven days leading up to them combined. I was notified by WordPress that I had received the most ‘Likes’ ever on one day, and that my ‘stats are booming’.

When you have had your blogging ups and downs, weekends like that can be very encouraging indeed. Rightly or wrongly, you get the feeling that it is finally coming together, and that perhaps you are doing something right after all. Even though none of us in this community actually blog for the sake of looking at high stats, we cannot deny that it is rewarding to be read. Otherwise, we could just write our thoughts and ideas down in a notebook, and not bother to publish them for the world to see.

Looking back over the weekend, I see that I may well have the three published posts to thank for generating so much interest. Religion, Photos of a local village, and of course, Jamiroquai. That is a diverse list of subjects, and one that I never really expected to see here, when I first started this blog.

So, I begin this week with a renewed enthusiasm for blogging, and a nod to my determination to be positive, in 2017.

Thanks to everyone who helped make it a great weekend.


44 thoughts on “A Blogging boost

  1. Congratulations, Pete. Well deserved. I thought about you this morning. My mother phoned me to tell me that my cousin Joan, the one who had done a lot of family research and who’d featured often on my blog, had passed away. He’d been ill for over a year but I don’t think they were ever terribly clear about what was wrong (prostate problem, then kidney problem, kidney stones, side-effects of the medication…) And he wasn’t very old either… I have to take a page of your book and keep positive

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    1. So sorry to hear about your cousin, Olga. The only way I can deal with such things is to focus on the positive side of the life they lived. He will carry on in your fond memories.
      Best wishes, Pete. x


  2. Pete: Guilty of ‘No comment’ I have read your posts since day one and have enjoyed them all but, rarely comment on them. I am so pleased for the weekend’s huge upturn on the particular attention that post has received. The atheist blog mirrors my own feelings – I have no time for zealots or their kind. By the way, how on earth do you find time for dog-walking and housework? BPC

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