Friday slumps

For a couple of years now, Friday has been the worst day for views of my blog. Week in, week out, it is always a Friday when the figures drop to their lowest.

I have no idea why. What is it about Fridays? Maybe it’s the end of the working week, as simple as that. People go out to enjoy themselves, perhaps preparing for a weekend away, and blogging takes second place to the excitement of the forthcoming weekend.

Despite the huge increase in views lately, Friday stubbornly refuses to improve. It has traditionally become the lowest viewing day of my week, and seems determined to remain so. It is not an issue, just a simple observation.

So, fellow bloggers, if your own Friday views are low, you are not alone. It is that ‘Friday feeling’, at least as far as blogging is concerned.


41 thoughts on “Friday slumps

  1. I hadn’t really noticed that Fridays received less views but there definitely seem to be an awful lot of posts. I can barely get to a quarter of the posts I receive on a Friday so maybe that is the secret, an oversupply [smile].

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  2. I don’t really get to see what days are active for readers on my blog. Yesterday, I got a total of 232 views. What I usually notice is, if you don’t post anything for a few days, the stats is low.

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    1. It’s easy to find the daily stats, Arlene. They also show you the most popular days, as well as the least. I enjoy looking at the trends, but it doesn’t affect when and what I post.
      Best wishes,Pete.

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  3. I can`t believe it!
    The day with the most time surfing the Internet and reading your blog is Friday for me!
    I would never do that on work!

    Today it was a very sunny and warm day. Some neighbors started to have bbq in the garden. After eating and drinking some sparkling wine, I enjoy to read your blog!

    Oh, but now it is time to go to bed!
    Wish you, Julie and Olli a nice weekend.

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    1. Thanks, Irene. It seems that people have different routines when it comes to looking at blogs. I am always happy to see your comments here, whatever day it is!
      Best wishes, Pete.


  4. The Brits love their Fridays. After all, they associate the Old English goddess Frigg with the Roman goddess Venus. Of course, you have readers from around the world who don’t bother with your blog on Fridays. I think that’s Friggin’ weird!

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    1. Thanks, Kim. I know that many people don’t bother with stats, but I have always found them interesting. No doubt many people have lots to do at weekends. I tend to forget that, as I get older! 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. I think it has become ingrained in us to reach for that proverbial afternoon when the magical weekend begins. People rush home, shower, change and do whatever it is they’ve been waiting for all week. I’ve been retired for 7 years and I STILL look forward to Friday!!

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  6. Friday seems to be more of a communal than solitary day. Which says just about the same thing as you did above. And Friday feels a bit more of patchwork when it comes to patterns of set behavior, and across all demographics.


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  7. I’ve never looked at the stats for particular days. Yes I’ve looked at daily stats but never in that much detail. I’m curious to know if you’ve looked at what day & times you post as Friday may be your least posted New Post day and might be the reason? Like Elizabeth (yes I also read the comments!) maybe many of your readers pick up your blog at work and for many office bods it is POETS day!

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