My name in print!

Forgive the blatant self-promotion, but I received this photo today. It was sent by Daniel, of Longshot Island, and is a page of the latest magazine, with my name above my story. For those of you used to seeing your name on articles, or on the covers of the books you have had published, I know this will not be anything to get excited about. I have had many film articles published on other sites myself, and was very pleased that they were.

But this is an actual publication! A printed magazine, on real paper, available to buy from Amazon. For someone of my age, this is pretty much the ‘real deal’. And until, and if ever, I publish a book, this is the best it gets too.

Daniel has also set me an interesting challenge. When I receive my copies of the magazine, he wants me to photograph them in ‘unusual’ situations. Rest assured that I will do my best.

In the meantime, should anyone actually want to purchase a copy of this excellent periodical, here’s a link.


74 thoughts on “My name in print!

      1. Just clicked over and read it. I liked it, couldn’t find a wordpress icon to say so but I did. I think I recognised the words about the oak from an earlier post on your blog but seems a suitable way to end a story about a lifetime and where it is spent living. You have a way with words.

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        1. There is no like or comment function there, Lloyd, but thanks anyway.
          It was submitted as two pieces, then stitched together by Longshot Island as a foray into non-fiction. The part about the tree was originally on my blog last year, so you would remember that.
          Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. The thrill of seeing your name in print is a thrill that comes but very few times in a lifetime to some people and I am so very pleased (thrilled actually) to see that someone of note appreciates your more than excellent writing and has published you. I am sure this is not the last time. You have a rare talent to put down words that compel reading … words that refresh, explain, entertain, educate and feel good when they strike the mind of the observer. Keep up the good work and may your successes be always ongoing and rewarding to you in every possible way.

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  2. Pete, there’s nothing wrong with “blatant self-promotion,” and you have every right to be proud. I do think there is a difference between seeing one’s name on the computer and seeing it in print. I’m pretty old-fashioned, as you know. I much prefer to see my name on a physical book cover than on the “cover” of an e-book (something that may never occur). However, I have to say that what really excites me is not so much seeing my name in print but rather seeing my work in print. A published work is an accomplishment.

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