Official! Beetley Bra beats Jamiroquai

Because I know how many of you simply love to read about the phenomenon of Jamiroquai on this blog, I just had to bring you this stop press. Despite the consistently amazing performance of my post ‘Whatever happened to?: Jamiroquai’, it was soundly thrashed in the stats this past week by the photo post, ‘The Beetley Bra’.

That said, it was still close, with the Jamiroquai post holding its own in third place, despite the amount of time since it was first published. My suspicions that its popularity would decline with the recent appearance of the band on TV seem to have been unfounded.

An there’s an ***UPDATE*** too!

The Bra has gone. Its whereabouts are unknown, and nobody knows if it was retrieved by its owner, or snaffled up by a local collector of female underwear. It is also possible that a passing bra-less lady was able to make use of the garment, but that is perhaps unlikely.

To those of you that celebrate it, I wish you a very Happy Easter from Norfolk.
Seasonal best wishes to you all. Pete.


38 thoughts on “Official! Beetley Bra beats Jamiroquai

  1. One day, a magician, Merlin (“Merle”), and his assistant, Cadfael (“Cad”), went for a walk in Hoe Rough. Merle stumbled upon something quite unusual hanging from a tree, and cried, “A BRA, Cad! A BRA!” And the bra disappeared.

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  2. Thanks for keeping us informed! I’ve been reading many mystery novels of recent but this is quite special. (I know people hang shoes from trees and cables but…). Always good to know bras still can get a post to the top. Have a great week, Pete!

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    1. I am beginning to think my Jamiroquai readers should have a dedicated blog of their own, Olga.
      The bra mystery may well have a sequel one day, I will be on the lookout for discarded undies!
      Best wishes, Pete.


  3. Perhaps, and this is stretching it even for me (and the bra), a passing bearer of gifts, specifically one of two extremely large and ungainly eggs, who was struggling with their load, spotted the bra and considered it the perfect apparatus for carrying said eggs!
    Happy Easter!

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