Sun out, shorts back on

Consumed by my film challenge, I have neglected to bring you anything about the Beetley weather of late. After my last weather report about a return to Winter, I am pleased to be able to tell you that Wednesday signalled a pleasant change, however brief it might turn out to be.

After many days of unpleasantly cold weather, I woke up yesterday to bright sunshine. For once, that sunshine had some heat in it too. So, by the time it came to Ollie’s afternoon walk, I was able to leave the boots in the shed, and my heavy coat remained in the wardrobe. The shorts were shaken out, and donned with a smile. Light shoes were sufficient, and no coat was required.

It was a very pleasant 17 C, with no wind to speak of. The ground was dry and hard beneath my feet, and the vegetation had sprung up overnight. Clouds of insects circled just above the surface of the river, and birds were singing loudly. Ollie was running around happily sniffing, and he was soon sufficiently hot to require a long dip in the water. Walking across on to Hoe Rough, I could feel the warm sun on my neck, as I watched the swans and ducks making their way along with the current.
It felt good to be alive.

This is what May should be like.


43 thoughts on “Sun out, shorts back on

  1. We have had a lovely week while I’ve been in work all day, every day! Today – my first day of a week long holiday – and it’s tipping it down with rain! But never mind, it’s supposed to brighten up later.

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    1. I used to always find that when I was working too, Michelle.
      Since I retired, it is strangely similar, with the worst weather waiting for weekends, and for the times my wife (still working) is on holiday. It seems to follow you through life!
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. What gets me is how low the temperatures still are at night. And they are ‘normal’ apparently. When do we get those late warm evenings when you can sit outside and drink wine until dark? Or is that just a figment of my imagination?

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  3. Fortunately I had not gotten too used to my spring wardrobe yet, since the temperature went back down, the furnace came back on, and I was glad I hadn’t switched out the flannel sheets. May in New England.

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  4. I’m glad Ollie is happy. We are in permanent air-conditioning status from now on till cool off near the end of the year – so don’t worry, I won’t harp on the heat this year [maybe].

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