Armchair Olympians?

I watched a report on BBC News yesterday. If the date had been the 1st of April, I would happily have chuckled at it being a seasonal spoof. But no, it was real.

It featured the ‘sport’ of ‘Competitive Computer Gaming’. If you didn’t know, this is apparently the ‘coming thing’. Huge tournaments are held all over the world, attended by thousands of screaming fans, watching the ‘action’ live, on large video screens. Commentators relay the exciting moves as the games are played, and the top players have become celebrities, with legions of fans. The reporter even tried his hand, showing just how difficult it can be to assume the role of a mythical being, and head off to fight armies of fantasy characters. So far, so good.

At the end of the report, a self-confessed ‘Geek’ (of the highest order) discussed his intention to get the ‘sport’ recognised as an Olympic Sport. He was serious, believe me.

I am not a sporty person. I play no sports, and do not watch any. But I have some respect for those men and women who challenge themselves physically, or those who overcome disabilities to compete. That said, there are already sports included in the Olympics that stretch the idea of what really constitutes a sport. Some others have failed to gain recognition, or have been excluded after a lot of consideration.

If Computer Gaming succeeds in becoming an Olympic sport. I will finally have really seen it all.



44 thoughts on “Armchair Olympians?

  1. Gaming has become huge, Pete. All the kids are into it and my older son is really good at it and plays in the “cloud” with friends from all over the world. We are careful to ensure he doesn’t disclose private information as he plays with gamers much older than himself. I agree it shouldn’t be an Olympic sport but should have it own competitions and recognition. On a more sinister note, it reminds me of The Running Man by Stephen King…

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    1. My stepson is in his 30s, and plays constantly too. I don’t have a problem with it at all, Robbie. But it just cannot be called ‘sport’, at least not from my point of view.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Pete, I ran programming at a US cable network called G4 that was about technology and gaming…we went to a South Korean gaming camp where they trained…surprisingly physical but agree it’s not an Olympic sport!

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  3. I guess it’s as much a sport as darts is. Which says not a lot.

    I did hear one definition of sport which was along the lines of, it’s a game which requires special clothing. So that covers jumping into water, doing jumping and somersaults, riding a horse….. I could go on.

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    1. Darts indeed, Ian. That is yet another reason why I have so little interest in sport. Televised golf, snooker, and now darts. I must be missing a gene, as I don’t get it, any of it, for the life of me.
      Cheers mate, Pete.


  4. This is all a plot by the Makers of the Television Furniture Watching Association to grab us by our rear ends and keep us from doing anything productive so we have to buy more of their products.
    Warmest regards, Theo

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  5. Hey, Pete.. don’t under estimate muscular prowess required to press buttons and swing a joystick. I’m sure even Zeus would agree.
    Although it does make me wonder what gaming program they would use. I am thinking it would be a game of the Olympic Games.. hurling a javelin using hand pad sensors, and downhill skiing using foot pads.

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  6. I thought objectional when the girls leaped around with a long red flag and made it do circles and they jumped through it. I don’t know what the event is called. This would be a ridiculous addition. Surely the powers that be will nix the idea.

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    1. Yes, because it takes a lot of skill to adjust the logs in a fireplace with a poker. There are two events, “IRON-man” for male participants and “BRASS-ieres” for women. Personally, I think you’d have to be “stir crazy” to engage in this sport.

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  7. I did read once that whilst you or I use our index fingers to switch on lights, the younger ‘computer game’ generation use their thumbs! How dare you suggest that it’s not a serious sport when it is responsible for evolution!

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  8. Yep and poker has become a “sport”….seriously, they need to let this go… Olympics for these two as a matter of fact we need to get rid of yachting and horse dancing….as sports….chuq

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