A-Z Film Challenge: My conclusion

It is all over now. Almost a month of posts on one main subject, and two additional posts by way of an epilogue. I set this challenge to myself, and it was the only one I have ever taken on, in five years of blogging. I chose Films and Cinema because that subject has been the love of my (long) life so far. The only alternatives were History and Photography, but I had a feeling that films would attract more interest, and I was right.

So, my considered thoughts. It’s hard work, harder than I expected. For every word typed on the posts, many more were discarded. For every film mentioned or featured, ten more had to be left out. For a lover of films, it was sheer torture. The research was hard too. Even though I have seen so many films, and had most posts already worked out, I still had to remind myself of dates, casts, and other small details. Twenty-six days of being accurate, making difficult decisions, and presenting posts worth reading was a challenge indeed. (Even though I got a ‘day off’ with ‘X’!)

What about the positives? Well, they were many. New followers, engagement on posts, a huge number of comments, and a real sense of camaraderie too. All my previous followers, and those new ones, pitched in with some great ideas and suggestions, numerous re-blogs, re-tweets on Twitter, and their own thoughts and conclusions. Despite the work, I can honestly say that I have never had a happier or more positive blogging experience. Daily views and visits were, by my standards, quite phenomenal. Even when some letters attracted less interest, others kept up the encouraging averages. In case anyone was wondering, the most popular letter as far as views were concerned was ‘S’, with the troublesome ‘X’ being the least viewed.

Tips from me? If you are thinking of doing anything like this, then here are some guidelines.

1) Make written notes as you go along. Otherwise, you might well forget your choices, and those original thoughts.
2) Write some posts in advance, as many as you can. You can always edit them later, and it takes the pressure off of having to make sure you come up with one each day.
3) Answer comments, even if you don’t agree with them. Doing something like this is all about involvement in a community. If you cannot be bothered to reply, then why should anyone comment in the first place?
4) Set time aside. It takes a lot of thought, and a fair bit of time and effort too. Make sure you have that time available to give it your best shot. If you are not sure, then don’t start it.

But it was never about stats, rewarding though they may be. It was about fun, interest, engagement, and good friendship. That’s what blogging is about for me, and I could not be more delighted.
It will be strange to go back to ‘normal’ blogging, that’s for sure.

Would I do it again? The jury is out on that one.


50 thoughts on “A-Z Film Challenge: My conclusion

  1. I couldn’t believe how much time and effort you spent. Every post seemed like an overwhelming amount of work. But, when it’s a labor of love and an exciting read for your fellow bloggers, then it becomes a great experience. Good point about taking notes!! Many thanks, again. Best to you, Pete.

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  2. Thanks, Pete. I really enjoy it, especially when your recommended films I hadn’t watched (or hadn’t rewatched in a very long time) and also when I could think of some not mentioned. I understand full well what you mean about challenges. I avoid them because in later times my schedule changes too quickly and once I commit to something I like to see it through. I do programme posts often, but even with that, sometimes replying to comments (and I don’t get that many) if you want to do it promptly takes a fair bit of planning. Looking forward to your posts, whatever they might be.

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    1. Thanks, Olga. Films and Cinema is a popular subject indeed. The blog seems a little ’empty’ today without it, but I don’t want to just become a film blogger. Others do that very well already.
      I have some ideas for less ambitious challenges in future.
      Thanks for you involvement, and of course for all your support of my blog too.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. I really loved the sense of community that you created over this challenge. When the world is so divisive at the moment, it was reassuring every day that there are thoughtful people out there, often disagreeing about films, but always civil.

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    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. That’s why I love to be part of the blogging world. Different opinions, different countries, even different languages. But all part of a community that puts those differences behind them.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. Well done, Pete, on a fabulous self challenge and series of posts. I only write one post a week for the Little Girl who loved dolls and I find that enough of a challenge even though I write posts in advance. 26 days on the trot – what a great achievement.

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      1. I enjoy the monthly thingy I do with the Lucky 13 Film Club. The comradery, the traffic, the conversations; only once a month is quite doable and not too demanding or stressful. (Well, except for right this moment because of my creative writing) But, you might consider a monthly feature for yourself. Whatever you do, I’ll be around. 🙂

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  5. So, you made it through 26 letters by conducting your challenge in English. I think you got off easy. Apparently, Hungarian counts 44 letters. But since many of your film choices were Asian, might I suggest your challenge should have been carried out in Thai—70 letters? Of course, that might have impacted your stats…

    Pete, I enjoyed your series immensely, and previously made it known to you that I’m aware of the amount of time and effort required to pull it off successfully.You did an excellent job, and I don’t doubt that you will get more views and comments.

    The good news is that now that you’re back to regular blogging, you’ll have more time to get out and enjoy the weather!

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  6. Despite ‘the list’ getting longer I’ve enjoyed reading every post (one still to read I think)
    But as you say ‘It was about fun, interest, engagement, and good friendship. That’s what blogging is about for me, and I could not be more delighted.’
    Which for me sums up it up well. Cheers!

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    1. The problem with doing TV shows is that so many are online, so I don’t see them. There are big differences in national programming too, so not that great for an international blogging audience.
      The names of actors/directors would be a real possibility though.
      Thanks for playing along and sticking with this challenge, GP.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  7. Yes this was good fun Pete, very engaging and good to find new movies to consider. BTW I think you will have to watch one of the Marvel movies coming up, they are making an ‘origin’ film for the Black Widow character played by Scarlett Johanson who kicks ass in a sexy black leather skintight suit, how can you resist!? 😊 Also if you are considering a new challenge how about ‘Your favourite Jamiroquai track’ haha that should send your stats stratospheric! 😂😂

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    1. I am usually happy to watch Scarlett do anything, FR. Even Marvel. (And I am definitely going to be getting her ‘Ghost In The Shell’ film.)
      Jamiroquai made a steady return during the film challenge, with the original post getting many views again.
      Cheers, Pete.

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  8. It was great fun…I got to reach back and recall all those very bad “B” SciFi movies that I love…..your notes on blogging are spot on and wish more people would think that way…..I think they would have a better experience…..you advice on drafts is excellent…I have anywhere from 5 to 20 waiting to be posted…great advice….Thanx for all the fun…..have a good weekend my friend….chuq

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