Comments ‘glitch’ returns!

Just when I thought WordPress had it sorted, the famous comments glitch had come back to haunt me. My comments do not seem to be appearing on some blogs. (Jennie, John Rieber, Toritto,  and a few more.)

I am still able to comment on my own posts, so thankful for small mercies there. Maybe I have been ‘blocked’ just to outsiders, I haven’t a clue.

Please check your spam folders to see if they are there.
If not, be assured that I have commented/replied, and will continue to try to do so, until I am released from the ‘Comments Prison’.

Best wishes to all. Pete.


53 thoughts on “Comments ‘glitch’ returns!

    1. Thanks, Jennie. I had a bad week with WordPress. Posts not received in my email , notifications all over the place, and comments disappearing. It has started to settle down a little, but it was very frustrating. I still don’t get about 50% of the posts from those I follow. It seems as if I have been excluded from a large part of WordPress, for some reason.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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          1. Hi Pete — I found your comment in my spam folder (which took a while to find too) and have marked it as Not Spam. Found two from other people as well, along with 223 real spams items. So if you think a comment has disappeared, write the blogger and ask them to check spam. And now I’m figuring this is what happened to 15 or so of my comments that just disappeared over the last few months.

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        1. Thanks, Peggy. I have had this issue a few times before, which is why I put up the post to let everyone know my comments might have been put in spam. It seems to be a cyclical glitch on this platform.
          Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. [ Smiles ] Hmm. I am guessing that Akismet became a bit too overactive and threw your comments in people’s spam folder.

    Anyway, I do hope that this technical ordeal of yours is sorted out soon!


  2. I’ve had the same glitch today which has been very frustrating. Emailed Olga as I’d copied my comments after having no luck with Sue Vincent having written a huge screed on her supermarket post as I feel very strongly about their discrimination regarding disabled and single people when it comes to fresh food etc. Managed to write on Tish’s post about wood chippings. Now I’m wondering whether this will take! x

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      1. It was strange because your first comment came in fine but a shorter follow up comment ended up in spam. I don’t usually look in the spam folder but I think I will now and then. Never know what you might find there!

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        1. I always check it. So many comments get dumped there, especially if they contain links. I think I sent someone some links earlier today, and must have been marked as a ‘spammer’.


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