A Musical A-Z: B

This seems to be a popular idea, so on to ‘B’. Don’t forget, you can use the ‘B’ for the name of the artist, album title, or song title, so it is very easy to play along.

As I had a pick from David Bowie under ‘A’, I shouldn’t really choose another based on the ‘B’ of his surname. But he is so good, I’m going to. His back catalogue is so huge, it’s hard to choose, so I will go with one of the less obvious examples, from the album ‘Pin Ups’. This is a cover of an original from the Easybeats. I loved both versions.
Friday On My Mind

I always loved Kate Bush in her early years. She is still around of course, but for me she never bettered her first three albums. Here she is with my choice for this letter, as well as her surname of course.

Steely Dan are going to feature a lot here, so you might as well get used to them. My favourite American band of that time, and still played regularly, chez beetelypete. This is one for today’s letter. There may be many more.
Babylon Sisters

Robert Palmer died young. This stylish British rocker managed to cross lots of musical genres in his career, and embraced the new idea of the pop video at the time, with some great results. This is one of his toe-tappers from 1979, at the height of his success.
Bad Case Of Loving you

Today’s top pick was cast in stone. it has been featured on my blog at least twice before, but I don’t care, as I love this short song so much. I was introduced to this band by a recently departed and much-loved friend. It was one of the songs played at his funeral. The short-lived career of the British group Be Bop Deluxe left us with some classic songs to remember them by. The wonderful guitar of Bill Nelson is as fresh today as it ever was, and this song just makes me want to jump up and bounce around the room. Yes, even at the age of 65! Turn up the volume. Please.
Maid In Heaven


75 thoughts on “A Musical A-Z: B

  1. Pete, thank you for introducing me to Kate Bush a couple of years ago. I was familiar with the name, but not the music. “Babooshka” is on my YouTube channel’s playlist! That channel includes eleven of her songs, but I’ll eventually add some more.

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  2. My fave track of this year so far is Beehive by Mark Lanegan!

    Fave B artist with B song Blasko with Better With You

    I can’t not say Bad Brains with Big Takeover too

    And also off course The Breeders with cannonBall

    That’s 4 songs already again, know gods if you want 4 songs each of these post and will you even press play? and listen? Maybe you might wanna check out some new, old, Aussie etc. stuff I like today, I like doing this for my Sunday morning drinking but I should be writing my own blog post but I think I missed so much stuff I might just have do something like this myself one day but god knows when really? Anyway see what you think about all those songs, I like to hear what you do think but I guess you don’t have too! BTW the way my fave Bowie track is Golden Years and my fave Bush track is Cloudbusting but I think you know those songs so don’t need videos.
    Cheers again!

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    1. Four more I have never heard of, so most welcome. I play them all, and on this occasion, I liked the Sarah Blasko song, but my favourite was The Breeders, which also has a good video.
      Thanks for these, and your other suggestions. I would have added ‘Golden Years’, but have to much of the legendary Bowie on this blog already.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Kate Bush and Robert Palmer – great! It`s a long time ago I heard that music.
    What about: Beatles,Bay City Rollers πŸ™‚ and Blondie? Chris de Burgh, James Blunt … Oh I can not stop! πŸ˜‰

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  4. I really do like your song choice from Robert Palmer. It’s a very authentic rockability vibe which I tend to listen to when rock and roll comes out to play. I have added it to my playlist. And now I shall babooshka my way to present..Billy Joel – (a matter of trust, tell her about it and the stranger ). Jazz Artist Benny Goodman – Sing, Sing, Sing, and composer Bernard Herrmann who made music for movies such as Psycho, Citizen Kane and Taxi Driver.

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  5. Even just sticking to bands, and not songs, almost impossible to narrow down, Beatles, Byrds, Beach Boys, etc. I like Kate Bush’s early albums, Running Up That Hill, Hounds of Love. But here’s two less-known bands – – BoDeans and Bombino. Both from remote corners of the planet, Wisconsin and West Africa. You probably heard the BoDeans when you were dream-walking around Madison. Bombino is a guy from Niger, who grew up listening to Jimi Hendrix, Mark Knopfler, etc. it doesn’t matter if you can’t understand the lyrics, these are tunes for when you’re driving and need to get somewhere fast.

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  6. Oh Gosh. Definitely artists like Bowie, the Beatles and Bon Jovi. I’m also going to throw in the Bangles, Bruce Springsteen and Boston. For songs my top picks would be Bohemian Rhapsody, Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Bette Davis Eyes, Blowin’ in the Wind, Bennie and the Jets, Born To Run, Born In the USA, Black Hole Sun…I’m going to stop now because we’ll just be here all day!

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  7. My father appeared in one of Kate Bush’s videos which also involved Dawn French. He gave me a copy he’d been given but it only plays on the American system as was. I have seen it somewhere else but it would be lovely to have a copy I could play. I can’t remember which song it was, though!

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        1. Odd, quite frankly! Never liked the song, though I do like a couple of Bush’s early hits, including Babooshka. My father looks strangely thin in the face. I’d forgotten all about Hugh Laurie and Peter Vaughan. I knew I had seen the video initially but couldn’t think how. I now remember that I went with him to a studio in Soho to see it.

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  8. Pete, this is a great idea – and some terrific choices…I own the original LP by Be-Bop Deluxe “Live In The Air Age”, which was a great primer for me to discover this band…and as a huge Steely Dan fan myself, let me offer up two things: first, I can offer up this song from their second album – “Bodhisattva”, which is a human who has reached enlightenment, as the Buddha did, and can leave physical existence behind, but chooses to remain in human form to help others achieve freedom.
    Donald Fagen said this song was “sort of a parody on the way Western people look at Eastern religion – sort of oversimplify it. We thought it was rather amusing – most people didn’t get it.”

    And if you want to know more about Steely Dan, here is a story I posted about a lawsuit against them by someone who sang on two of the songs on their debut album!


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        1. I have been watching it all morning, GP. I used to work in the ambulance station a few hundred yards away, for over 20 years, so know the area very well. Many people not accounted for as yet, but only 6 confirmed dead so far.

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  9. Okay Group Bad Finger……Bon Jovi…songs Bobbie Magee by Joplin, “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen, “Bridge over Troubled Waters” Simon and Garfunkel, “Born To Run” Springsteen, “Brown Sugar” the Stones, “Black Dog” Zepplin…need coffee….have a good day….chuq

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