A Musical A-Z: C

Continuing this series, don’t forget that you can play along by choosing your favourite artists, albums, or songs. As long as they begin with ‘C’.

Every letter throws up far too many choices, but having to whittle them down is half the fun.

I am not a fan of country and western music as a rule, but this classic song gets me right in the heart every time. And I get a double ‘C’ for the song, and her name.

There have been many versions of this next song, but for me, none have got close to the smoky-voiced original from the divine Julie London.
Cry Me A river

Phil Spector and his ‘wall of sound’ was also one of the sounds of my youth. He produced many girl groups, including The Crystals. No matter how old you are, I am willing to bet you know this song.
Then He Kissed Me

The summer of love and the days of ‘flower power’ gave us many enduring songs. One of the groups that personified that era for me was the Mamas and Papas, with their version of a song written by two members of that group.
California Dreamin’

One of my all-time top ‘C’ songs, from the grumpy but nonetheless wonderful, Van Morrison. Also mentioned many times on this blog, here it is again.

Almost a top pick, with a very personal reason why I love this song so much. I played Rickie Lee Jones’ album so often at the time, I almost wore it out. I really, really love her voice on this happy song.
Chuck E’s in Love

My top pick today is from someone I feature a lot on this blog. Elvis Costello may not be his real name, but as it’s the one he is known by, I am using it for ‘C’. As I have previously used many of his bigger hits, I will choose this one, another personal favourite.


45 thoughts on “A Musical A-Z: C

  1. No Nick Cave so you’ll be happy I remember or reminded myself but he would if I didn’t and know you don’t really dig him. So next would Cat Power with Cross Bone Style, that’s artist and song with C letter!

    Lenny Cohen would have be another one for me so it’s Waiting For The Miracle

    then HTRK’s Chinatown Style

    and Cold Feet by Jack Ladder

    Yeah, Chuck E’s In Love is a great song!

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    1. Thanks, William. A double C with Cat Power. Good one! I do know these (for a change) but I am sorry to say I find Cohen just too depressing. Thanks as always for your welcome additions.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Great list Pete! I love “California Dreaming” – they epitomized the southern california sound in the late 60’s…here is one more to add: The Cars “Candy-O” – two “C’s” in one song!

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    1. Great choices of bands, artists, and tracks, Kim. (Even though I don’t personally care for Coldplay, but that’s not the point… 🙂 ) You packed in a varied selection indeed.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. All good choices. I love the Mamas and the Papas, California Dreamin’ (and Monday Monday even more but will save that for M when we get there.) I would add Johnny Cash to the list. I like his gravelly story telling voice. But my vote today is for Nat King Cole who is especially ‘Unforgettable.’

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  4. Good selection of you. I would add: Joe Cocker,Sinead O`Connor, The Corrs, Celine Dion, Carpenters, Tracy Chapman and my great love from teenage times David Cassidy. 🙂
    Some German Bands: Culcha Candela, Sarah Connor and City (Okay, this does not necessarily sound German!) 😉

    I am now signing up for two weeks. I’m already curious what comes in the meantime! Best wishes, Irene

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      1. Hi, I am back again. Now I have a new word in my vocabulary! “Signing off” and not “up”. I hope I can remind later! 😉
        Now I’m looking forward reading your post`s!
        I am grateful for your permissions.
        Best wishes, Irene from the rainy Germany 😦

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  5. Julie London great choice…..Jones is another superb choice….

    My artists….CCR, CSN&Y, Chic (disco), The Clash, Cream, Chaka Khan……songs…Cocaine by Clapton, Comfortably Numb bu Pink Floyd, Child in Time by Deep Purple, Can’t Get enough by Bad Company and finally Can’t get enough of your love by Barry White…….oh yeah don’t forget the Cars……coffee worked well today…LOL Have a good day….chuq

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