Blogging: Tidying up the blog.

I currently follow 86 other sites. Most of these are on WordPress, with a few .com sites that are accessible via the WP platform. On most days, it takes at least 2 hours to catch up on all the posts published by my followed sites, as well as making comments, and dealing with the email notifications too. Not a problem for me. I have time on my hands, and blogging is my hobby.

It recently occurred to me that some of those sites have not published anything in a long time. Many of them do not follow my own blog anyway, so not receiving any feedback is normal. I decided to have a trawl through those dormant sites, to see if there was still any point following them. I looked first at the sites that had not published anything for over a year, then down to six months. If you haven’t published anything for that long, chances are you are no longer blogging, as I see it. I last did this exercise in February, so you may recall a similar post from then.

I sent a few comments to some bloggers, asking politely if they were OK, and still active as bloggers. I received replies from some, but not others. After going through the list of all 86 bloggers very carefully, and checking out each site for activity, I arrived at this result.

1 site is permanently deleted by the blogger.
1 site has posted nothing for seven months.
2 sites have posted nothing for over a year.
1 site replied that they had been busy, but will be posting again in the future.
2 sites made no reply to my comment, and have nothing on their blogs since late 2016.

So, I un-followed six sites this morning, by clicking the check box on WP.
I now follow 80 sites, all of which are satisfyingly active. I think that is about the most I can manage, to be honest. Any more than that, and I would never have time to engage with them all, especially as some of them post up to seven times a day, most days of the week.

Something for all those new bloggers to think about, before you follow umpteen sites, in the excitement of the early days of blogging. If you are to be a real follower, and intend to be a part of a blogging community, you have to choose carefully.

(And A, if you are reading this, where have YOU gone? x)


67 thoughts on “Blogging: Tidying up the blog.

  1. I hear you! I am behind on my reading-again. It is quite a job to follow and hopefully engage. I have been blogging just over a year and have so much to learn, still. I am not yet retired, but now school is out and I need to really catch up-Have a good day!

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  2. Hi Pete again!
    Nice post and I’m going to comment again and sorry if it’s a mess of writing but because I guess it’s interesting, maybe I don’t get blogging and starting off as a “music blog” too didn’t help and having dyslexia is always well what is the word? I’m looking?
    So blogging you seem to be saying is following X number of other blogs that you deem worthy of you time of reading and then commenting, liking, reblogging etc. right? Fair call, I guess.
    I figured you didn’t like my taste in music which might be true or not? I don’t know still? Then music blogging is a bit different because it’s endless old, new songs, albums, reviews etc. and bigger blogs seems to be just dog legs of record labels and companies themselves too and you don’t get much from them, well I don’t so point proved, I hoped my little blog would be a bit different, more personal or something but who knows now? I wanted to share some little known artists, I guess too and it’s got some mainstream acts but some acts don’t get much press at all so I taken on myself to write about because I couldn’t find anything myself. When I do write about say Nick Cave it does get way more hits. The dyslexia is a pain in the ass really because writing it takes a lot longer than you think. Maybe I should clear out my following list too, I guess is your point but I get I need to like and even comment a bit more really even if it’s hard. By the time I read something that looks good to me because I follow way too much to read everything and if I follow only what I read it would be only half a dozen daily bloggers or something and that be it and what if it’s boring that day? Do you say “that was so boring” because have to say something but I should chick like more I guess when some is good and just say good work or something when it is.
    I guess the point of my blog was just for me to write and read because of my dyslexia and music was a good subject because I love it so much but I should expand the topics a bit more, god know what maybe movies would be a good next because I did love your A to Z thingy and expand bit by bit or something to something else? Anyway this is really long, too long really and I haven’t taken my meds this morning too so thanks for putting up with a mad, nutcase too!

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    1. Hi, William.
      No problem with the long comment, it is always a pleasure to see you here.
      The main reason I didn’t follow your blog was because I am at the maximum number of blogs I can manage to follow at the moment. Also, because I am much older, a lot of your featured music is unknown to me as well. I do know Nick Cave, but he is not really my ‘thing’.
      In terms of what and how to comment on other blogs, my advice is this. If you are following a blog and they post something boring, or uninteresting to you, then you probably shouldn’t comment that you found it so. If that blogger’s articles stop interesting you, then un-follow. They will not know you have done so.
      Blogging does not have to be what I say it is, though being part of a community makes it more worthwhile, You don’t have to follow anyone, or make any comments, if you don’t want to. You can blog ‘solo’, or choose to follow blogs with similar themes, like music. I have followers who have food or cake blogs. I don’t follow them back, as I am not interested in food or cakes. But they still read my blog, as they are also interested in fiction, films, or photos, even though they don’t write about those themselves.
      As for Dyslexia, two of my step-children have that, and I am aware of the difficulties. There are programmes that can help, such as this one.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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      1. Cheers man! All fair points and taken on broad and yeah I guess people like to listen to music they know! I like eating cake but yeah I don’t follow food blogs because they’re boring to me to read. I guess music could be cake to some people and don’t wanna read about it too.
        Dyslexia can be real different from person to person. I grew up in a tiny small country in the middle of nowhere in south west corner of Western Australia and don’t live in the UK but thanks for the link. So if your asking, you can have the short version. I was pretty much an adult when I move to the big city and someone figure out my dyslexia and then someone else figure out my depression at a other time a little later, kind-of linked, some say. Anyway sorry about that, maybe shouldn’t bother saying all this to you. Sorry if it’s all too much, I say stuff or write it when I shouldn’t sometime.
        I like your blog and you seem like a nice bloke, I will keep following your blog and comment I feel like it. I think I’ll cull down my following list too at some point too. You have a good rest of the weekend Pete πŸ™‚

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        1. Thanks for your kind words, William, and for telling part of your story too. I have laid my own life bare over the years on this blog, for all to see. So, I am always happy to read about anything in your comments, and please drop by anytime you feel like it.
          As for the link, I think similar products are widely available, even in Australia. πŸ™‚
          My step-children were also not tested for Dyslexia until they were in their 20s.
          Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. I used to pop in and look at the blogs of people who followed me, but don’t so much nowadays as so many seem to be commercial sites or not even sites at all. One recent one which interested me (travel related) had several posts about places I’d like to read about, none of which were actually written – just a title and “coming soon” in the text. You would think they could at least have written one post to show what their intentions are. Needless to say I am not following them. I also unfollowed people who post several times a day – too much to keep up with though I will visit now and again to see what they are up to. I tried to keep my follows down to 30 but looking now I see I am on 61. Fortunately some don’t post very often!! But I shall get my hoover out!

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    1. Too many of them are just ‘shop windows’, Jude. I am lucky with the blogs I follow. (This post is about blogs I follow, not those who follow me) Like you, they mostly add posts, and engage with my own blog too, much of the time.
      Best wishes, Pete. x

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  4. I’m new to blogging and I follow everyone I follow the people who follow me, stuff I love, and also stuff that doesn’t interest me. I hope to get inspiration from everyone. I hope it doesn’t get too overwhelming because there are a lot of awesome blogs out there that I want to read πŸ™‚
    I really appreciate your blog now I can learn before it gets way to out of hand.

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    1. Following everyone, especially everyone who follows you, just for the sake of it, will soon overwhelm you. I suggest you choose carefully. Pick bloggers who make ‘real’ comments, and those who comment on all of your posts. Otherwise, you will need to put aside a great deal of time, just to keep up with it all. Following blogs just because they follow yours is not ‘real’ blogging. Try to build a real community of bloggers who share your interests, or just enjoy what you write. Of course, you can do as you wish, this is merely a suggestion.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. I am just finishing my first full year of writing and I will follow your lead and prune my list. I also will look for a few new good ones to follow. I seem to do the best by picking people from insightful comments on other blogs I already read. Using the WordPress search feature twice sent me to pornographic sites. Yuck.

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        1. Next to most ‘Like ‘ buttons is the ‘Reblog’ button. If you like someone’s post, or feel it deserves being promoted on your own blog, then you click that button. A window will appear, giving you the chance to add your own comment too. Once you have done that, (or not) and clicked, ‘Reblog’, it will appear on your own site, as a new post. You have to remember that any images on that reblog will be added to your own site, and included in your media allowance.
          Here is an example of a reblog from my own site. Susan wrote a post about my film challenge, and I reblogged it from her site.

          As you can see, it will usually say, ‘View original post’ as well.
          Best wishes, Pete.


  6. Great post, Pete. There are some of us who try to post every day – there are some who post when the creative inspiration calls, and there are some, as you found, who started with the best intentions but then fell off to nothing. You actually have a very high percentage of active sites – good job choosing where to spend your time and show your support!

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    1. It’s always worth clearing out those who have just stopped, Kim. If they ever start again, I’m sure they will leave a comment on my blog to show they are active. If not, well…
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  7. I am a relative newcomer, and don’t disagree with this, but did want to mention, that my list includes a British blog that is very infrequent. Just about six months between posts, and I don’t hear from him very often, but always substantive, well-researched, and nicely written. So that’s his thing and I’m ok with it.
    But I won’t follow “foodie” sites that endlessly stream photos of hors d’oeuvres, tapas, organic parfait with hempseed. Unless you anticipate being poisoned by the KGB, or you’re fond of Japanese blowfish, and want to leave clues for the ER doctors, photographing food is weird. Sharing your grandma’s recipes is nice, but otherwise — Put down the phone. Eat. Get on with your Life.

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    1. I know what you mean about anticipating a rare post from someone you really enjoy reading, Robert. Hence my comment in brackets at the end. I did actually ask questions of those infrequent bloggers, before un-following them. Just to be sure.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Thanks, Arlene. I just wish those ‘disappearing’ bloggers would put up a post saying they are no longer blogging, unless something has happened to them, of course. But we will never know.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  8. I do the same thing periodically, otherwise it gets too complicated. The inbox floods! And I must confess I’ve un-followed some people who post several times a day. Too much, especially since usually most are re-blogs. From other blogs, which I might be following already.

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    1. I keep my re-bloggers down to a maximum of three. Just those who re-blog things I find very interesting. It is all to easy to follow too many people, and then become overwhelmed by trying to keep up.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  9. One of the unfortunate facts of life is that a lot of bloggers will “Follow” your site in the hopes that you will follow them back and thus create an inbound link to their blog which they feel will enhance their search engine optimization and that is the only reason they follow. It is an entirely selfish reason but there are bloggers who do such things. They never intend to read or to respond …. They only follow for their own self advantage. The only blogs I keep up are either the ones that give me fodder for writing controversial material or those that actually do leave a comment once in awhile.

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