Ozflicks, Susan, and the A-Z Challenge

I have just been informed by Susan Toy, that Peter from Ozflicks has compiled a definitive list of every film mentioned in my recent A-Z Film Challenge. He has gone one step further, by making a note of every person who joined in, and the choices they made. This is seriously detailed, and I am sure will be of interest to everyone who played along over the 27 days of that challenge. Here is a link to the list.


I have to once again thank Susan Toy for all her hard work, and now add those thanks to Peter, who didn’t even tell me he had done it! There are over 1,000 separate film recommendations, and a huge list of suggestions for any aspiring film buffs, or existing fans of film and cinema.

Things like this are really heartwarming, and confirm my belief that the best thing about blogging is being part of a great online community.


41 thoughts on “Ozflicks, Susan, and the A-Z Challenge

  1. Your A-Z Challenge inspired me in the first place, Pete, so thanks for that. Special thanks to ozflicks for jumping in with both feet and completely improving on my initial list … especially at a time when I was also trying to prepare and post a different list to my own blog – 150 Canadian Authors to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday! https://islandeditions.wordpress.com/2017/06/20/150-canadian-authors-to-celebrate-canadas-150th-birthday/ (which is happening this weekend, on July 1st, in case you weren’t aware!) – so I was all listed out by the time ozflicks contacted me with this cunning plan of his to ratchet up the game another few notches. Truly an international collaboration!

    (And see how I very cleverly shoe-horned in a list of books to read, in case anyone gets movie-fatigue before they reach the end of Pete’s 1000+ titles.)

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    1. I confess I never knew that Canada had so many authors, Susan. ( πŸ™‚ ) Well done with celebrating your country’s literary heritage. That was a fun film challenge for me after all, mostly due to the way that everybody got so engaged in it. The list compilations from yourself and Peter were the icing on the cake though.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Hi Pete. I was inspired by Susan’s first list to complete it – it’s the list-tragic in me. I enjoy things like this for some reason.

    And it’s a reminder to me to look up all the interesting films you and others recommended. The list has hyperlinks to each day of your challenge and all the comments there.

    Cheers Peter

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