2017: The best Blogging year?

It is the end of the first half of the year. A year that seems to have gone by faster than any other I can remember. That is probably my age making it seem so, but it does only seem like a few weeks have gone by since writing 2017 on a date.

Regular followers will recall that I made 2017 my year to ‘stay positive’, and despite a few issues, I have managed to keep that promise to myself. Undoubtedly the biggest positive of this past six months has been the continuing engagement with the blogging community, and the steady increase in views of both my blogs, as well as the welcome increase in comments.

I can see from the stats that things are doing well, blog-wise. I have many more regular daily visitors, views and comments that are over twice those in 2016, and three times more than in the previous year to that. There has also been a substantial increase in followers, with over 400 new ones since last December. Even though we all know that ‘followers’ are just a number on a page, and rarely translate to actual engagement, many of these new arrivals have quickly become a welcome addition to the existing community, with regular comments on this blog, as well as others that I also follow.

This year also saw a milestone for me, getting a short story and a non-fiction article published in a ‘real’ magazine, something that made me very happy indeed. I appreciated the fact that my fictional short stories also received much more attention on this blog in 2017 so far, and that photo posts continue to be hugely popular. The recent examination of followed blogs provided me with an approximate figure of the overall community that I am a part of. At least 80 bloggers still going after five years, and many of my own followers, some 40 or more, still active with comments and regular views here, after all that time too. Twitter activity has trebled, even though I rarely do anything with my account. I can thank some of my fellow bloggers for always re-tweeting my posts, and promoting this blog far beyond my own potential to do so.

It is almost July, and the holiday season will no doubt have an effect on the world of blogging, as people enjoy a break away from their computers, and visits to different places, and other countries. But for me, 2017 has been the best year since I began blogging in 2012, and I couldn’t be happier that I decided to start. As always, I urge everyone to give it a try. You might be surprised just how much you enjoy it.

My thanks and best wishes to you all. Have an enjoyable summer.
‘Staying positive, in 2017.’


60 thoughts on “2017: The best Blogging year?

  1. Kudos for your hard work and persistence and popularity. The best part of blogging, it always seems to me, is the community. That has been, and continues to be, a delightful surprise.

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  2. As always, very enjoyable reading, Pete. Your writing has a pageturnerquality, congratulations to all what you have achieved so far! Obviously, staying positive is well worth the effort! 🙂
    Greetings to you and Ollie from Norway,
    Dina & co

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  3. Congrats, man, well this is a very engaging site. With the exception of that “Dance Yourself Dizzy” video, which was pretty damaging. My left eye has stopped twitching, but there is still some ongoing hair loss and a strange, metallic taste on my tongue. But otherwise, this is a great blog. RPT

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    1. I must try to find out if Liquid Gold are still touring. And get you a gig ticket. 🙂
      Good news. (For you) They split in 1984, and have no plans to reform…
      Thanks for the kind words. Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. I think the times you invite participation have been a lot of fun. I also enjoy your dog stories and even weather reports. I try to stay upbeat too, though not saccharine, since that’s what I like to read.

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  5. so happy for you Pete! thank you for your great contribution to the blogging world. keep up the good work and positive outlook! congratulations and best wishes for now and beyond! 🙂

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  6. Congratulations my friend. I am so pleased that you enjoy what you are doing with your blog and I hope your good fortune and happiness with it continues on and on and on and on and on ……. Yes! I am happy for you.

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