As so many of my friends and followers on this blog hail from the USA, I cannot let the 4th of July pass without wishing you all a very happy day.

As you enjoy your celebrations; the beers, the fireworks, fairs, and family time, perhaps also reflect on the fact that recent events have divided your nation in a way that has not been seen since the Civil War. I hope that you can reconcile some of your differences, and have a happier year ahead.

My very best wishes to all my American friends. Pete.



  1. As a U.S. History teacher, I can verify that there has never been a time in our history where we all got along and everything was peachy-cream. The conservative-liberal pendulum has swung back and forth throughout. What we have now that we didn’t have fifteen, twenty years ago is the omnipotence of a media industry that delights in spreading discord. Who knows what the truth is and where the middle line is?
    I love the United States and am thankful to be an American.
    Love from Arizona, CB

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  2. Thanks, Pete. Tough times over here, but we’ll celebrate the ideals of ’76. Sometimes you just don’t reconcile, you draw a line in the sand.
    And recently there were a fair number of people with caps displaying “Make American Great Britain Again”, so who knows, we’ll reconcile and do the fireworks on Guy Fawkes Day, instead! πŸ™‚

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  3. Pete, the Confederate flag and Confederate monuments are under siege here in the US these days. A recent Fox headline: Hate or Heritage? In any event, Independence Day is generally viewed as a celebration of America’s birthday, so hopefully it will be a day when we all feel united as a people. I apologize for falling behind in my comments, but I will catch up. My computer time is limited these days.

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    1. I have read about the removal of Confederate memorials. I think it is a shameful attempt to re-write history. I hope that you have a lovely day today, and enjoy some celebrations.
      Please don’t worry about commenting.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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