A Musical A-Z: R

After the problems with ‘Q’ I have the opposite with ‘R’. Far too many to choose from, so it is going to have to be a hefty post this time. Easy to play along with this letter; any album, artist, band, or song title. It just has too start with ‘R’. As I had such a short ‘Q’ post, I am going ahead with ‘R’ on the same day.

An old rocking track from Dutch band, Golden Earring. I’m not much of a Rock fan, as you know, but back in 1973, this one hit the spot. I never heard another record from them, so classify this as a ‘one-hit wonder’.
Radar Love

Deacon Blue is a Scottish group, formed in 1985. They ‘stole’ their name from the title of a Steely Dan song, so that got my interest. From the end of the 1980s until well into the 1990s, they were one of the most successful groups in the UK, selling large numbers of albums, and regularly appearing in the music charts. They still record and perform to this day, but rely on a loyal following of fans, as their later records almost all sunk without trace. But this was a good one.
Real Gone Kid

British band Mott The Hoople are mainly known for two things. Their crinkly-haired front man, Ian Hunter, and their big hit with the cover of David Bowie’s ‘All The Young Dudes’. But they did a lot more than that, and Ian Hunter later had a moderately successful solo career. In 1973, they released this sing-along pop classic.
Roll Away The Stone

Mac Rebennack is better known as Dr John. His New Orleans background gave him roots in Jazz, Blues, and the Cajun Zydeco style. His gravelly voice, unusual lyrics, and bizarre outfits also provided us with a singularly unique entertainer. One who consistently produced excellent records, and acquired legions of fans. Unbelievably, he is now 76 years old, and continues to record and perform regularly. I always liked this one.
Right Place, Wrong Time

Amy Winehouse is one of my favourite singers of all time. During her tragic and all-too short life, she produced just two albums. They left us with a tantalising glimpse of how great she would have been, had events taken a different turn. There will be others of hers in this series, but here is one for ‘R’.

Clean bandit are a modern British group with a difference. This rather posh trio only play instruments, including a cello. They write some very unusual and catchy songs, and use ‘guest vocalists’ to sing them. One of these singers was the powerful Jess Glynne, who went on to carve out a solo career of great promise. In 2014, this song took the charts by storm, and set the band on the path to stardom in the UK. It’s really very good indeed.
Rather Be

I haven’t featured Otis Redding until today. I was waiting for ‘R’, but it won’t be the last time you see him here. When he was killed in a plane crash in 1967, a 15 year old Londoner (me) thought his world had ended. I was a huge fan, and still am. I could just add most of his hit songs, and leave it at that. But for today, here’s just one. His version of the Sam Cooke classic.
A Change Is Gonna Come

It will be no surprise to anyone who has followed this series, that Steely Dan once again feature as my top pick for ‘R’. I held out manfully with ‘P’, by not using their song ‘Peg’, but I really couldn’t leave this one out. (Did you think it would be Reelin’ In The Years?)
Rikki Don’t Lose That Number


51 thoughts on “A Musical A-Z: R

  1. Ah, your choice is good and many of the others’ comments.
    I like the music a bit harder, I add:
    The Rolling Stones and the very great German Band Rammstein! I love the beat!

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          1. “Point taken”: It is ironic and means you take a point away from me? Is that right?

            But “catch” is not the right word, I think I should say steal or take away.
            I also wanted to be ironic! But that is so hard in a foreign language!

            Weather here is very nice – it smells like summer.
            Best wishes, Irene

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        1. ‘Point taken’ is common usage for ‘I Understand and accept’, Irene. It is not intended to be ironic, but I do understand the problems in translation. ‘Catch’ is acceptable, but not used in this context. I might say, ‘I catch your drift’, meaning, ‘I understand what you imply’.
          But you are doing very well, and those colloquialisms are hard to grasp.
          Best wishes, Pete.


          1. Oh, I was so wrong. Thank you for the explanation.
            Best wishes, Irene

            After a hot day ( 27 degrees ) we have now thunder and lightning.

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  2. Otis Redding! Definitely. And so happy you have Dr. John on the list! I never heard of Deacon Blue or “Real Gone Kid” before, good tune and very decent video, so thanks!
    R.E.M. was just an outstanding band, even if Michael Stipe is sometimes speaking in tongues or whatever he does, just too many good tunes to choose from – – I see someone listed “Radio Free Europe,” an all-time favorite. I like the early Radiohead albums very much, and the same for Robyn Hitchcock – – his “My Wife and My Dead Wife” is like a tiny Hitchcock film. Rolling Stones of course, cannot do without them. Roxy Music isn’t always my kind of thing, kind of too slick, but they also had a lot of really cool music like the “Avalon” album. In jazz, Sonny Rollins is a great saxophone player. Respighi (I checked the spelling but it still doesn’t look right, does it) because we had to listen to him in school, and then I actually enjoyed “Pines of Rome” very much. All the best! RPT

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    1. Thanks as always for your most welcome input, Robert. Deacon Blue were big in the UK (still have a following) but I don’t think their sound did well anywhere else. I am hit and miss with REM. I think you have to not look at Stipe too much, then you will enjoy them more.
      Radiohead produced one of my favourite tracks of all time, with ‘Just’. But Thom Yorke is so hard to watch…
      I used to be a committed Dr John fan, and always enjoy his occasional appearances on ‘serious’ music TV shows here. Roxy Music were of their time, and Brian Ferry sensibly went solo, when he knew that time had passed. But they did have Brian Eno of course.
      I did think of including something by Roland Kirk, but considered him a K that I had missed.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. Yep, from famine to feast. There sure are a lot of Rs. Well done with Radar Love – brought back many memories.

    There’s also Radiohead and Röyksopp, but my current favourite R is Richard Thompson, a British folk/rock musician. And one of his better songs is Razor Dance.

    There’s Red Right Hand by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (Peaky Blinders theme music), Rebel Rebel (him again), Rumblin’ Ramblin’ by the Zutons, Rough Trade by Stiff Little Fingers, Rockaway Beach by the Ramones (2 Rs in one again), Rock & Roll by Led Zeppelin, Rock the Casbah by the Clash, Reason is Treason by Kasabian.

    This could run and run…….

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    1. I had so many R selections, it was getting silly. I even slipped in Billy Idol, and Rebel Yell. But I got up to around 16 clips and realised it was simply too much.
      Thanks for your choices, Ian. I’m not a huge fan of Nick Cave, but the ‘Peaky’ theme is good, and I love the TV show too. I like Radiohead, especially ‘Just’. Looking at Thom Yorke is a big as though…
      Cheers mate, Pete.


  4. Artists~ Richard Marx, Rascal Flatts, Roy Orbison
    Albums~ Republica by Republica, Rio by Duran Duran, Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
    Songs~Rockstar by Nickleback, River by Joni Mitchell, Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

    as you say, so many R’s it’s hard to choose, 🙂

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  5. This is a huge category Pete!
    Artists: REO Speedwagon, Rush, Rachel Platten, Rage Against the Machine, Rolling Stones, Ray Charles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rick Springfield, Ricky Martin, Ritchie Valens, Robert Plant, Robert Palmer, Rita Coolidge, Roberta Flack, Rudy Vallee Ruth B.

    Racing In the Street – Bruce Springsteen
    Radio Free Europe – R.E.M.
    Radio Ga Ga – Queen
    Radioactive – Imagine Dragons
    Rag Doll – Aerosmith
    Rainy Days and Mondays – Carpenters
    Raise Your Glass -Pink
    Raised By Wolves – U2
    Runaway Train – Soul Asylum
    Runnin’ – Adam Lambert
    Rolling In the Deep – Adele

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  6. “R”s are everywhere is I will be short….my double….”Rainbow” by Robt. Plant…..tunes…”Romeo Is Bleeding” by Tom Waits as well as “Rain Dogs”…….”Radio Free Europe” by REM….I will take my leave and allow others to join in…..have a day…chuq

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  7. Best thing about the Clean Bandit video is that it was shot at Tokyo’s fish market, where I had sushi for breakfast! Great list of “R” songs – i’d add Radiohead BEFORE they went techno – the song “High & Dry” – and perhaps the great Steve Miller and “Rock’n Me” is worthy as well

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