Films or Music? : A conclusion

Now I have come to the end of my Musical A-Z, it’s time to give some thought to the process, and to compare it with my recent Film Challenge. Despite not publishing a post every day, I got through the music choices very quickly, with two letters a day on occasion.

The engagement on this challenge was great. I got a lot of feedback about my own choices, as well as a huge number of selections from those who left comments. Some kept it up through the whole alphabet, whilst others popped in and out, depending on the letter.

I was introduced to a fair number of singers and groups that I had never heard of, as well as being able to feature many songs or recording artists previously unknown to some readers. Thanks to You Tube, I rarely had to leave out a choice because I was unable to find a copy of the song. These posts were also faster to write up than the film posts, as much less research was required. As with the film posts, some letters were more popular than others, with a general fall off as the alphabet progressed, followed by a spike in views and comments for those letters with more options.

These challenges are enjoyable to do, as long as you are a fan of the content of course. Courtesy of the Internet, Wikipedia, and fan-based sites, it is easy to find out almost anything about singers or groups, as well as individual songs. I cannot imagine anyone being able to do this offline, without a whole library at their disposal, alongside a vast music or film collection.

So, which was the most popular, Film or Music?

Despite many of those commenting appearing on both challenges, Film was by far the most successful, in terms of readership and overall engagement. Film attracted almost three times as many daily views, and ten times as many new followers. Even during the Musical A-Z comments were still coming in on the Film Challenge, as well as ‘likes’ and follows based on those film posts.

It is far from scientific I confess, but as far as this blog is concerned, Film rules!

Thanks once again to everyone who played along with both challenges. They would never have worked, without your support.


45 thoughts on “Films or Music? : A conclusion

  1. Pete, your Musical A-Z series came out during the summer months when I was generally off the computer. I may eventually go back and listen to some of the music with which I’m unfamiliar. I did make a comment on a couple of posts that included a song on one of my YouTube channels.

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  2. I confess I didn’t look at your films at all, but then I am not much of a film viewer. I watch some that interest me when they are shown on TV, but rarely go to the cinema and never rent or buy DVDs. So for me the music has been the most interesting and I still need to go back to the beginning. Maybe I will dip into the films too at some point, who knows I might discover movies that I really have to watch. Thanks Pete for an entertaining series. I know how much hard work goes into this sort of thing, so I much appreciate it.

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    1. Thanks for the kind words, Jude. I suppose film fans are just that, fans. They actively seek out films to watch, follow favourite directors or actors, and often have opinions set in stone about the merits of this or that film. As I get older, I find that there is less to attract me to films. I can’t stand lame US comedies, or the endless comic-book franchise blockbusters that are all the rage. I tire of obvious CGI, and seeing the same ‘ensemble’ of flavour of the month actors.
      But on the plus side, there are still some rare and unusual films being made, as well as the 100 years of back catalogue, many of which I have yet to watch
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  3. My favorite is the music. And I have not even seen them all.
    I would like to look at the older entries. I was not able to watch the films.
    If I finished the songs, I will start with the films.
    No boring time in the future. 😉

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  4. There’s a public radio program, “The Score” — the host is Edmund Stone, an English Shakespearean Actor, with a sonorous voice and plummy accent, but pretty likable (that’s how we spell it in U.S.). I don’t know that it would work as an A-Z challenge, but it’s interesting when you realize how essential the music is, in a lot of movies. “Bridge Over the River Kwai” is hard to imagine without Alec Guinness, but also hard to imagine without “Colonel Bogey’s March”.

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    1. Very true, Robert. Films depend on soundtracks in so many ways, and recent examples have included many of the songs featured in this recent series. The two seem destined to be intertwined.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. Sorry I didn’t have time to read along with this series, Pete, but I do hope to be able to go back and follow and the posts later. I’m still working my way through the movie selections made by you and all your blog readers. Just watched The Royal Tenenbaums last night and loved it, as I have all Wes Anderson movies I’ve seen. I look forward to catching up on your musical selections now. Is anyone creating a complete list? 🙂

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    1. No complete list this time, Susan. Many of the selections were similar in some letters, but there were enough differences to still make it interesting. I didn’t ‘get’ the Royal Tannenbaums, but then I never really got much of Wes Anderson’s work, to be honest.
      Nice to see you back.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. I would say the music was more interesting. Your own comparison may prove me wrong, but I think you had more of a response to the music too.
    Is your post for ‘Z’ coming later in the day or tomorrow?

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    1. The figures show a great deal more reaction to the film challenge, GP. Not everyone who views the posts bothers to comment, and the views for the films were huge, compared to the music. However, they were both very enjoyable to do, so this comparison is just by way of interest.
      ‘Z’ is posted, by the way.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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