100,000 and counting

Yesterday, I checked my stats, and was pleased to find that I had tipped over the 100,000 mark for views of this blog. As of today, that figure is almost 100,500. By the standards of many blogs out there, this is insignificant, I know. Some popular blogs get that many views in a week, let alone five years. But I am happy, for I never expected to get 100 views, let alone 1,000 times that number.

Thanks are due to you, my readers and loyal followers. An average of 20,000 views a year since the start of this blog is well beyond my wildest dreams. Looking at the stats totals can be fun too. I now know that the most popular day for viewing this blog is a Tuesday, and the time of day when most people are looking at it is 3:00 pm. The most views in one day was on March 29th, 2015. That surprised me. All of these views have been courtesy of a current total of 29,000 visitors to this blog, and every single one of them was most welcome.

I have 30 followers by email, 138 on Twitter, and 1667 via WordPress, a total of 1835 up to now. We all know that doesn’t mean much, as many of them have never so much as read a post. But it’s still interesting, at least to me. I have published 1,366 posts, including this one, and my current list of top commenters is headed by John Rieber. This is also interesting because John is an American, and some 50% of my followers and readers are from the USA. A country I have never visited. The most popular tag and category on here is ‘Blogging’. Bloggers love to read about Blogging, obviously, but this is best explained by many new bloggers seeking out some of the ‘advice’ posts I have published.

So, that’s my five-year overview of Beetleypete. Thanks once again to all of you. You make the whole experience worthwhile, and an absolute pleasure.
My very best wishes to everyone. Pete.


60 thoughts on “100,000 and counting

    1. Me too, Andrew. It appears that they just want to be followed in return. And when that doesn’t happen, they move on…The ‘followers’ are generally best ignored, in my experience. Stick with those who bother to comment, is my advice.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. Nice one! I gotta admire you and your figures. Admittedly, I know I don’t try hard enough. The only one of my blogs that got half decent attention was my music one, LOUD HORIZON. (It’s now pretty much dormant.) I ran it for seven years, but wasn’t as media savvy as now – and at that, I am obviously well behind you!
    Congrats on your numbers.


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    1. Thanks very much for your kind comment. In the grand scheme of things, it means nothing of course. But it does encourage me to keep going, so that’s good.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  2. I like your blog very much, although it is sometimes very difficult for me to understand everything!
    But you always have so many interesting stories. It’s just fun to read. And I can still learn the language better! 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much, Irene. I know how difficult it must be for you. I can speak some French, but reading a blog post in colloquial language is a chore to me these days. I can only offer my thanks for your perseverance, and you know how much I appreciate your comments too.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  3. Well done Pete! I had to check my stats after reading this and was surprised to see that I have over 88,000 views on Travel Words and over 144,000 in total over the three blogs. Quite surprised! I love reading your blog as I never quite know what to expect! Hope you carry on for at least another 5 years 😀
    Jude xx

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  4. Impressive analysis of your stats. It would be fun for me to do one when my blog hits 1,000,000. I registered 5 years ago but didn’t really start blogging until a year ago. I’m going to hit follow. I’ll be busy to prepare for being the first time grandma, if I don’t keep up stopping by, you know where my mind goes…!

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    1. Five tags or less is advisable, Elizabeth. People search tags and look for ones like ‘Literature’, ‘Blogging’, ‘Photos’, ‘Pets’, etc. Categories are less important for searches of course, but help followers go straight to what interests them the most.
      Best wishes, Pete.


  5. Congrats, Pete. No need to thank us really. If you weren’t good – we wouldn’t keep coming back!! As you always say, Best Wishes, and here’s to 5 more!! 🍸 🍸 Cheers!!

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  6. You are presenting very nice figures, Pete! 🙂 We are very happy for you, congratulations on this great result!
    May you stay a happy blogger for a long, long time.
    All the best to you and dear Ollie (btw, we saw a blonde Ollie on the Cley carpark today, no way near the beauty of Ollie, of course)
    The Fab Four of Cley 🙂

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  7. Wtg, Pete!!

    I’m jealous with my measly 29000 total and just over 100 WP followers. Come on guys, there’s a record do smash 😉

    I always wow not to bother with those stats and to blog for blogging’ sake… but then again I can’t resist to check them daily.

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    1. I confess that I was rather obsessed with stats at one time. Now I restrict myself to checking the totals a few times a year, then writing a post about them! 2017 has been a great year for me on this blog, but then I am trying hard to be positive this year. 🙂
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  8. Pete, I vow to stay #1, but am a bit worried that I told my sister about your blog, because you two seem to comment on each other’s post with great frequency – however, that is what I love about the internet – sharing common interests as well as sharing things that others may not have known about – I only try to stop myself from letting a poor showing on a post bother me, and as you know, I share stories to a select group of fans who I know respond in big numbers – a bit pandering, but then again, it IS the internet!

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    1. Congratulations Pete on your blogging milestone! True that John told me about your blog before I ever started mine, and it has been a great pattern to me in the blogosphere. But I don’t think I will overtake the #1 commenting spot anytime soon. That title shall remain his! 😉

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