Say NO.

A someone who spent most of his life being too nice, (honestly, I did…) here are some tips from a new follower on how to avoid many modern stressful situations.

Voice of Dil


To stay Productive & minimize stress , you have to learn the gentle art of Saying NO.

There is nothing difficult to say No to anyone. Two questions may arise in your mind while doing this practice. First , it may hurt, feel bad , give negative approach.Second , if you hope to work with that person in the future, you  want to continue to have a good relationship with that person.

Here are the Top 10 tips for learning the Gentle Art of Saying No:

  1. Value your time. Know your commitments, and how valuable your precious time is. Then, when someone asks you to dedicate some of your time to a new commitment, you’ll know that you simply cannot do it. And tell them that: “I just can’t right now … my plate is overloaded as it is.”
  2. Know your priorities. Even if you do have some…

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12 thoughts on “Say NO.

  1. Pete, you can find these lyrics on my Facebook page. But here they are, anyway, for your followers:

    NO, DEAR!

    No, dear!
    I refuse
    I won’t clean this mess
    Give it up, dear
    Throwing shoes
    Won’t make me say yes

    She knows what I’m looking for
    On a Friday night
    If I dare put off this chore
    She’ll put up a fight

    No, dear!
    I don’t care
    If there’s trash about
    Don’t insist, dear
    Leave it there
    I won’t take it out

    No, dear!
    Not right now
    Our yard still looks great
    Let it go, dear
    And allow
    Your old man to wait

    She knows what I’m looking for
    On a Friday night
    If I do this one last chore
    She’ll make things alright

    Yes, dear!
    Right away
    I’ll run to the store
    You can smile, dear
    I won’t say
    “No, dear!” anymore

    © David E. Miller (9/15/17)
    ISWC: T-703.806.647.8
    Music: Chris Almoada
    Words: LividEmerald

    There comes a point when a person has to say yes. That’s the point of the song.

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