Ollie in the grass

One of Ollie’s favourite things is to roll in cool long grass, whatever the weather. I am never normally able to get a photo of him doing this, as when he spots the camera, he stops and stands up. With the longer zoom on the new RX 10, I was able to hide some distance away, and he didn’t spot me taking these.

All photos can be enlarged, by clicking on them.

Ollie in mid-roll. The lack of light meant a relatively slow shutter speed, which helped to show some movement.

After a good roll, he needs a fierce shake.

Refreshed, he looks around to see if he can see any dogs, deer, or squirrels.

I am hoping to be able to get more photos of my canine pal in future. With a silent shutter, all confirmation sounds disabled, and a longer lens, I should be able to take them without him realising.


59 thoughts on “Ollie in the grass

  1. Ah! Canine splendor in the grass!

    Have you thought of replacing your blog’s banner with a photo of your own taking? Now that you have the partial color option on your new camera, you could probably come up with a really great and unique banner!

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  2. Great to see him in his natural state! And the low shutter speed has created exactly the sense of movement that you wanted and that was needed. I particularly like the one of him shaking.

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  3. Our dogs love to roll in the grass, too. Unfortunately, they seem to like to roll in raccoon poop best of all. Give them a bath and they go right back out to find some other obnoxious stuff to roll in.

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    1. As I said to Marina, I am lucky that Ollie fastidiously avoids any poo deposits, and has never once rolled in anything nasty, even by accident. Then again, he is not a natural hunting breed, and they are the type that do that the most,
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. Congratulations on these shots, Pete. It worked very well! Absolutely lovely to see dear Ollie like this. The last image is gorgeous and the slight movements in the first and second one makes Ollie come alive in front of me. I often use f 2.8 for portraits to get a nice blurry background and for actions shots I choose a fast shutter speed to freeze the action.
    Wishing you all a great weekend,
    Dina & co

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  5. When you encounter low light conditions you might want to consider opening the aperture more … I think that is what used to be called the “F” stops …. a wider aperture and a faster lens speed ought to freeze action and give clarity to the picture. You will have to do a little experimenting. But other than that, Ollie is as delightful as ever.

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    1. I agree that some breeds do love to roll in poo, Marina. Usually hunting breeds, seeking to smell like their prey. Fortunately, Ollie avoids all poo, and never rolls in any grass containing it. He likes to find some wet damp grass to cool down in, but he chooses carefully!
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. Thanks, FR. I tried it out just using aperture priority. It was pretty dull weather though, so I should have played around with the settings a bit more. It worked for slowing down the speed for the Ollie shots though, which was what I wanted to achieve. Cheers, Pete.

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