Word Challenge: Conclusion

I have now come to the end of another Alphabet Challenge. Once again, I have to thank everyone for their devoted engagement, and all the great words added and suggested. Despite not using a dictionary for my own three choices each time, I did have to resort to one occasionally, to check on some of the sensational words added in the comments. I learned many new words doing this, and I hope that some of you did too.

As you may know, I won’t be around for a few days now, so will miss many of your great posts, and also any comments or replies on mine. I am going to have a break from A-Z challenges for a while too. As enjoyable as they are, and the bonus of the huge number of daily views and comments not withstanding, I have had my fill of them for 2017.

However, I now throw out this challenge to all of you. Time to come up with your own. Put your thinking caps on, and devise a challenge that I can participate in, instead of hosting.

Thanks again. It was all much appreciated, I assure you.
Best wishes to you all. Pete.


40 thoughts on “Word Challenge: Conclusion

  1. It has been a lot of fun (and hard work too – especially for you!) good to get the brain cells working though Pete. Hope the weather is clement for you and Julie and Ollie so you can get lots of lovely walks in different scenery and take some photos too share on your return.

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