Word Challenge: Z

The final letter of another long challenge. Please add your favourite ‘Z’ word. Foreign language words are welcome, (with translation) and American spellings are allowed. No abbreviations though.

Another useful word. One can have a Zest for life, or do something with Zest. And it is also the outer part of the skin of a fruit, which can be added to drinks, or food, as with Lemon Zest.

Because it describes the action perfectly.

Originally an Ancient Hebrew sect, this word is now applied to someone with extreme beliefs in almost anything. A religious or political Zealot, a Fanatic. Very much part of modern life, sadly.

(Zorro image for Jennie)

Zorro set


53 thoughts on “Word Challenge: Z

  1. A word that you see frequently in French is ZAPPING (m), which we call channel surfing with a TV remote. A Frenchman will often exclaim, “ZUT!” which is the same as an American saying, “Dang!” or “Drats!” The verb ZIGZAGUER is the French equivalent of “to zigzag.” And ZÉZAYER is the French word for “to lisp.”

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  2. Good Morning Pete:
    In z we only have ZERO-SUM GAME. A situation in which the looser looses what the winner wins (unless it is n-person where n>2, in which case we need plurals). A not good economic situation. Indeed, only zealots insist on paying them and then not with much zest. The rest of us zig-zag to avoid being placed in that situation.
    Warmest regards, Theo

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  3. Here are my three choices, although once again Pete you snagged the great ones:

    Zabriskie: as in the cult 1970 film “Zabriskie Point” – it’s a location in California’s Death Valley.

    Zumbador – a South American Hummingbird

    Zootopia – not because of the animated film, but doesn’t it sound like Nirvana – for all animals?

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  4. Zarathustra (Richard Strauß) – I will never forget the scene with the opening theme of this symphonic poem in the movie “2001”!
    Zaster – that’s a German colloquial word for money. 😉
    Zoom lens – I have a 18-300 for my Nikon camera, and I’m very fond of it…
    And I love drinking Italian vermouth with a lemon cest. 😉

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  5. No Geordieland words for Z 😦 so back to English

    Zeppelin (as in Led or Air)
    Zodiac (of which Leo’s are boss)
    Zucchini (an American word that sounds Italian, from their Zucchina, but in English is pronounced Courgette, which is a Latin/French combination.

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      1. Zonked as a number of meanings, generally I suppose it’s used for not being your usual self? Zaftig, an old boss of mine used it to describe women who had the curves and a little extra, haha. Zythum is a brewed beverage, not often used, but generally for beer.

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