Significant Songs (139)

Praise You

The DJ/ Producer Fatboy Slim started his career as Norman Cook, part of the British group, The Housemartins. They had a big hit with ‘Happy Hour’, in 1986, but split two years later. Cook went on to form Beats International, and the rest of the band formed the moderately successful ‘The Beautiful South’, around the same time.

Norman Cook endured longer, marrying TV personality Zoe Ball, in 1999, as well as carving out a career as a renowned record producer and DJ that continues to this day. He constantly changed styles, and names, until he became established as Fatboy Slim, very much part of the British musical establishment.

I didn’t care too much for him, or his music, to be honest. I mostly found him quite irritating, and had never bought any of his records. Then in late 1999, I saw a video on TV. it was for his latest release, ‘Praise You’, and was directed by film-maker Spike Jonze. It had also reached the number one spot in the UK charts, and I found I couldn’t get it out of my head.

Cook is still working as a DJ, as well as writing and producing for other artists. In 2016, he performed at the Glastonbury Festival. But this was his finest hour, as far as I am concerned.


35 thoughts on “Significant Songs (139)

  1. Great song and video, thought you might like to hear this beautiful cover version of it

    also as a by, Paul Heaton and Jaqui Abbot from the House. Martins and Beautiful South are still working together and producing quirky catchy songs.

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    1. They use this version on the TV advert for a bank. it’s really good!
      Thanks for the info about Heaton and Abbot. I really liked The Beautiful South.
      ( “I love you, from the bottom, of my pencil-case”. One of my favourite lines in a song)
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. I haven’t cared for Norman Cook in any of his incarnations before this song and this was only tolerable. I just didn’t understand it or the video that goes with it. When I like a record it usually has a story to it, Walk Away Renee, Sexual Healing,mostly Motown though I’ve loved various artists through the years like Adele. I couldn’t get on with the Beautiful South either. It seems 60’s and 80’s were good for me but the 70’s and 90’s not so much. It must be an age thing.

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    1. Well I am 65, David, so also very much a fan of Motown, Soul, Northern Soul, Van Morrison, Frank Zappa, and Steely Dan. However, I did like to explore some of the interesting groups that came along later, and thought Paul Heaton fo The Beautiful South had a poetic way with lyrics. Adele’s talent is amazing, along with other excellent British female vocalists like Duffy, Sam Brown, Joss Stone, and Corinne Bailey Ray.

      I liked this video for the early use of the ‘Flashmob’ idea, and the way it seemed to suit the repetitive song. We can’t all like the same things though, so no problem.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. There must be some of the 139 you have heard of, I’m sure. 🙂
      However, as the post title implies, they are of some significance to me, for one reason or another, so not always that well known.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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