A Poem

I have never tried poetry, so I thought it was about time. Let me know if you think it is worth me continuing…

He loved her as best as he knew how
It was perhaps obsessive, but he didn’t and couldn’t know

He was needy when need was not wanted
She needed strength, not need and desire

The more he needed, the less she felt that need in herself
The questions, the phone calls, that edge of control. Always there

She had to call it a day, though he never understood why
It took half a lifetime to understand

But did he ever really understand
Ever accept the damage done

Did he really appreciate that need to move on
To carve out a life, with no hanger-on

Decades later, and a sensible head
Made him realise and regret the mistakes of long ago

Too late for them both now, decisions made
Lives lived, without each other. Just getting on with it

Too much water, under countless bridges
It could never be the same again

No matter how much either of them wanted it to be
They both knew their time had passed


29 thoughts on “A Poem

  1. Hi Pete, I have been writing poetry on and off my whole life and I believe that poetry is a source for conveying a strong feeling . That is exactly what you have done here and you have engaged the reader and brought them into your story. I am a bit of a rebel when it comes to the written word and I like to do as I please. You will see this reflected in my own poetry. I think this was a marvelous first attempt and you should definitely keep going.

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  2. I did creative writing with the OU and right from the start I was dreading the poetry module, I didn’t have a clue. It turned out well, not necessarily because I studied, more because I kind of let go and dared to put the words on paper. If this is your first it’s really good, keep going!

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  3. I think you are in the area of the prose poem. There really isn’t a need to break your lines like this. I would try grouping the lines together into several sections and see how it reads. (Once an English professor, always an English professor!)

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    1. Thanks for your professional suggestions, Elizabeth. It was just an experiment for me, with each two-line segment intended to convey breaks in time, and developing thoughts. I will certainly take your most welcome advice on board.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. Good Morning Pete:
    I was never into poetry so I am the wrong person to attempt to evaluate. But then, I was never into Shakespeare either. I do know that if you enjoyed writing it and you like the finished product even a little bit, it is indeed worth doing more. I felt a sense of loss and a lack of a connection that one person felt for another in your poem. Sadness. Again, however, poems are not my forte.
    Warmest regards, Theo

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    1. Many thanks for your thoughts, Theo. I do love much of Shakespeare, but have never really attempted poetry before. This is just an experiment. It is something from the heart, but if it fails to resonate with others, then it is ultimately pointless. Because that is the essence of poetry worth reading.
      Best wishes, Pete.

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