Lucky 13 Film Club

I am very pleased to be co-hosting the June edition of this club, over on the estimable blog of the lovely Cindy Bruchman. Cindy is a published author, a fan of film and literature, and also posts great photos of her travels. Even if you are not that bothered about the films of Brian De Palma, this month’s topic, there is a lot to see there. Please follow the link, for a great blogging experience.

L13FC: Brian De Palma


Blog followers: A quick tip

I have been very happy to be notified of no less that nine new followers on this blog today, and one on my other blog. Two of those were entrepreneurs seeking to advertise something, and were ignored. One lady had a nice website, and I was able to read some posts, leave a comment, and thank her for following my blog.

However, the rest had no link to their own sites. Despite some having detailed profiles typed out, and using gravatars, I am unable to find their blogs through the information supplied. Sadly, I am not only unable to thank them, but also unable to follow them, should I wish to do so. So, if you don’t know how to do that, here is a handy link.

You are missing out on communication, likes, comments, and potential followers.

Let’s face it, that’s what blogging is all about, so you are likely to become very frustrated with the process, if nobody can ever find you.

My best wishes to all new bloggers and followers. Pete.

My Blog: Privacy and Cookies Notice

You may be aware that when you press ‘Close and Accept’ on my privacy and cookies notice, it just reloads the page, or stays where it was. I am aware of this problem, and it seems I am unable to solve it. WP Admin told me to remove the widget, and I did. It no longer appears on the list of widgets in my settings.

However, that has made no difference whatsoever, and it still stays there all the time, on every page, even when I look at my own blog. So, sorry about that, but it is only my glitch, and there is nothing wrong at your end. I have got used to it being there now, and stopped noticing it. 🙂

I was contacted by this new blogger today, and asked to submit a short piece on why I started blogging, and what my blog is about. More than happy to agree with that request, I am pleased to announce that it is now up, and published on their site.

If you would like them to consider your blog for this feature, then use the contact form on their page. It’s free, and no catches! Here’s a link.
Beetley Pete blog

Best wishes to everyone, Pete.

Take our survey of older bloggers: how and why they blog

An interesting idea, a survey of older bloggers designed to improve the blogging experience by researching into why people blog, and what they think about the process. It’s anonymous, and I have been happy to complete it.

Write into life

Please take the Older Bloggers’ Survey. People say it’s fun, and we hope it will lead to new policies and opportunities related to the ageing population. We have made assumptions, and now we want facts. We want to know how you blog, why you blog, when you started, and what you gain from blogging. You can do the survey no matter what your age, as long as you have your own blog.


Take the Older Bloggers’ Survey today on the popular SurveyMonkey website

cartoon of woman blogging See the lady blog. Blog, lady, blog!

Seniors with a personal blog: an unexamined sphere

We are part of a huge community of bloggers with an important role to play in the world. But who pays attention to us? All research into blogging seems to be focused on business blogs, but most of us are blogging for personal reasons.

  • We’re the first cohort to be getting…

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This Blog: Overview and GDPR update.

Tomorrow, GDPR becomes law in Europe, and we will see many changes in how we blog. My best research so far has shown that WordPress have updated their Privacy policy to deal with this change. There is supposed to be a Privacy section on the dashboard, accessed from the ‘Settings’ option on the bottom left. However, this does not appear on my blog, so I can only presume that is because it is a free WordPress blog, and I do not have to apply the new regulations unless I am self-hosting, or have a .com paid site. Or it may be just because I don’t have the latest version. You can find out more details, with examples and screenshots here.

**More info, courtesy of Jude**

“No reason to stop blogging Pete. WP has implemented a cookie statement so people can read their policy. They are the data controller not you. You could add a statement on your site if you wanted to the effect that if a person comments or subscribes then you will not use their email address to contact them.”

If no new restrictions apply, then I am happy to blunder along in the same old fashion. It is close to my six year anniversary of blogging, and I would dearly miss it if I had to stop. It remains to be seen whether or not the whole idea of blogging (for those of us with personal basic sites) will just be too much trouble and fuss to continue with. For now, I am putting my head in the sand, and just carrying on regardless.

This has all come at a time when my blogging experience has never been better. 2018 has seen my own blog mature into a really rewarding communication pastime, with 100 visitors most days, and close to 300 views daily too. That is as much as I ever wanted, and all I can cope with as a hobby.

I checked out the Insights feature on the Stats Page.

I now have 3,090 followers.
I have published 1,786 posts.
They have been viewed 160,000 times, by 46,650 visitors.
Each post now averages 49 Likes, and 54 Comments. (Including my replies)
I am now following 105 other blogs, though many are dormant.
There are now over 100 fiction stories here, and some have been published elsewhere.

After almost six years, that is all very satisfying to read. It has been a long haul, from that first post in July 2012. That was just four lines of text, and received only one ‘Like’, and three comments. I can remember thinking, “Oh well, it’s a start”. It would be a real shame if it all ended now.