More Blog Trivia

I know that many of you couldn’t care less about stats, views, or most popular posts. However, such things fascinate me, especially where my own blogs are concerned. Fiddling around with the stats on a wet and dismal Saturday afternoon, I clicked on ‘All Time’, and waited for it to load. It presented me with a list of all posts that have had over 95 views, and the top ten didn’t really hold any surprises. With close to 200,000 views of my blog, these ten qualify as the ‘big hitters’ on beetleypete.

Archives. 49,973.
Whatever Happened To?: Jamiroquai. 3,595.
About Page. 2,247.
Dereham: A Norfolk Town. 1,605.
The Driest County In England. 1,375.
Whatever Happened To?: Jimmy Somerville. 1,349.
Beetley Village. 740.
Beachlands, Pevensey Bay. 665.
Birds Don’t Like Cornflakes. 636.
Ollie: A Dog’s Likes And Dislikes. 557.

Out of 2,155 posts, it seems that the most popular include the whereabouts of former pop stars, descriptions of a Norfolk town and nearby village, and what is the supposedly driest county in England. Many are interested in an unusual Art Deco housing estate in Pevensey Bay, and others are trying to establish if wild birds will eat cornflakes. At least my own biography and photo made it to number three, even if Ollie, the undoubted star of this blog, only scraped in at number ten.

So much for giving my all with short stories, and fictional serials. Hours spent trying to get relevant and informative photographs to entertain the readers. Personal stories of my 22 years as an EMT in London, and raking over the nostalgia of my youth in a very different London. I obviously need to write more about faded musicians, and towns and villages. Give the readers what they really want! 🙂

Some of you are aware that I also have another blog. A political blog called Quite a few of you follow that one too, and I am grateful for that, as it has never achieved a very wide readership. On a good day, it might get eight views. But I don’t mind, as I don’t post that much on it. Whilst on the topic of stats, I decided to see what was popular on that one too. As it is much smaller, I only list the top five posts.

Archives. 2,102.
About Page. 153.
The Democratic Process. 148.
History Is Bunk. 143.
Goodbye, Postman Pat. 124.

This from just 140 posts, since 2013.

Two very different blogs indeed.


A Blogging Thank You

This is a short post, but it is just my way of saying a big ‘Thank You’, to everyone who reads, follows, comments, and ‘likes’ posts on my blog. After six years, the blog is more vibrant than ever, with a diverse readership, and some truly wonderful people following. And to those brand new followers, you are not forgotten. You are most welcome, and it is really great to see that you are discovering how to become part of this community.

I get over 100 visitors a day, and around 200 views every day too. I cannot tell you how pleased that makes me, and how much I genuinely cherish all my wonderful blogging friends, wherever in the world they may live. An extra shout goes out to everyone who follows my fiction serials and short stories. The fact that you get involved, invest in the characters, and leave such amazing comments makes my old heart glad.

I have to tell you that I am one happy blogger. What started as a random journal has become a huge part of my life. I have met so many genuine people, from countries all over the planet. And I didn’t even have to leave my small office room to do that. If I ever win the lottery, I will visit you all in person. (If you want me to, of course.) That’s a promise.

But meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy our communication, interaction, and in so many cases, real friendship. My heart goes out to you, it really does.

Best wishes as always. Pete. 🙂

A Weekend Off

Just to let you know, I won’t be around the blogs this weekend. So there will be no episodes of ‘Marjorie’ for a couple of days, and no ‘Thinking Aloud’ post on Sunday. I won’t be able to keep up with your blog posts either, but will do my best to catch up soon.

Best wishes to everyone, I hope you all have a great weekend.

The Somerville Effect

Two and a half years ago,, I wrote a post about the Scottish singer, Jimmy Somerville. It was one of the ‘Whatever happened to?’ posts, and attracted some views, as well as a few comments remembering Jimmy, and the groups he sung with, including The Communards.

That was that, and the post went into the archives, occasionally showing up as being viewed, but never receiving any further likes or comments.

Then for some reason, in the space of a few days, it began to be viewed again, a lot of times. By last Sunday, it had overtaken everything else, becoming the most-viewed post on my blog in one week, with close to 200 views, and still going. I have no idea why this interest in Jimmy suddenly resurfaced, and could not find anything in the news to suggest a comeback, or new recording.

But I would like to thank all of those searching about him. You have boosted my blog figures nicely, and revitalised a dormant post.
Please feel free to keep it up.

Lucky 13 Film Club

It is the thirteenth of the month, and time for another entry in the film club run by my great blogging friend, Cindy Bruchman. This time, I am co-hosting, and we are looking at six films that made a great impact during the 1960s, reflecting the changing times of that turbulent decade.
Please follow the link to Cindy’s blog, read the post, and hopefully add your own thoughts and opinions too.

L13FC: 1960s British & U.S. Significant Films

Two days off

Regular readers of this blog will notice that I had two days off from posting this week. That’s unusual for me, I know, and I send my thanks to those who contacted me to make sure I was OK. (And not dead!)

I had the first day off by way of an experiment. For someone who posts every day, usually without fail, and often two to three times, it becomes a habit. Some followers are looking forward to those posts, at least I like to think so, whilst others must think it is too much, all the time. I admire the way that many bloggers post once a week, or even once a month. I had thought about that, but as blogging is my main hobby, it was always going to be more frequent.

I decided to see if any of my posts get read when I don’t post anything. Otherwise, I might never know. So I missed a day, and still got half as many views, and around one third of the visitors to my blog. That was encouraging, but it was also interesting to see lots of likes, and a few comments, from newcomers who had seemingly never visited my blog before.

Then yesterday, I woke up feeling a bit grumpy and fed up. Perhaps I was missing the blogging interaction, or it could have been personal stuff bringing me down. Either way, I didn’t post, and lacked the enthusiasm and inspiration to do so. That brought on a second day of missing my blogging hobby, cured by taking Ollie out for a three-hour walk from 1-4 pm. I only came home when the sun had almost set, and it was getting dark.

Just two days, and I am back, with a post about being away for two days. 🙂
It seems that blogging has become something I would find hard to stop, and would not want to live without.

I’m still not sure if that’s a bad thing, or a great thing.

But I enjoyed the three-hour walk.

A busy reader

Yesterday was a big day on my blog. I got this notification from WordPress.
‘Your stats are booming! beetleypete is getting lots of traffic’.

So I checked the stats to see what was going on. I had posted a fiction story, and a nostalgia piece about schooldays. Both had received over 60 views, which was of course very pleasing. There was the usual smattering of posts that had been read once or twice, and a note that the Home Page/Archives had been read almost 80 times. That should have tallied up to something like 240 views in a day, very satisfying.

But by the time I was going to bed, the daily figure was just short of 400, and with a lot less ‘visitors’ than the previous day. That meant someone had read a lot of my posts, at least 100 or more. I checked the countries that had visited, and found that the UK was topping the list. So I came to the conclusion that someone in the British Isles had sat and read a huge number of my posts. They do not seem to have left any likes or comments, as all of those were from regular contributors.

This post is therefore by way of a ‘thank you’, to that unknown, and very busy reader. I really appreciate you taking your time to read so many posts on my blog. Please come back whenever you like.

Best wishes, Pete.