The Lakes: Pete and Ollie

All photos are large files, and can be clicked on for detail.

Antony has kindly sent some of the many photos he took of myself and Ollie. I know that most of you love to see Ollie, so I have overcome the embarrassment of seeing myself looking worn out, to show you a selection.

Head down, determined to get to the top.

We made it to the gate!

A well-earned rest.

I hope that you enjoy these extra photos. I am sure that you will agree that Antony excelled himself with these.


38 thoughts on “The Lakes: Pete and Ollie

      1. Pete, Antony sure does take it to the next level, but yours was fabulous too.. I just hope that you get to frame that wonderful clear shot of Ollie for your wall or study area if you have one.. I picture a room full of movies and books along with a comfy chair … The minds images are wonderful too….


        1. You have the right idea, Laura. A small 8X8 room called (grandly) The Office. (It should be the third bedroom, but we use it for admin instead.) A very large desk, with the PC on it, and behind me, two large bookcases packed with DVD films, and some books too. The chair is a special ‘office type’, with lots of adjusters, and a mesh backrest. It wheels around easily too. We bought it second-hand from a person in Dereham. It was a real bargain, as we only paid Β£20, and it retails new for Β£149.
          No photos framed on show yet though. Maybe one day…
          Best wishes, Pete.

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  1. Great, absolutely smahing photos!! That last one is a gem, I hope you have ordered the frame by now. πŸ™‚ I like your outfit, we have to get something similar for our roadtrip in Scotland next year.
    Dina x


  2. The bonus scenes that the fans have been waiting for! Thank Antony for us. Does he know your shared Walks in the Lake District have been immortalized in a great tradition? xx


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